i keep pushing away without realizing.
bad habit. cut it out.

my paranoia’s worsening too. -_-
oh.. and that skirt.. $59.90.. worth it or not? ARRRGGHHH.
sooo cute. geez. cant stand it. 😦
but.. do i wear skirts? LOL. i may. occasionally.

i also luurrrrvee the fact that we try clothes in the fitting rooms in secret. 😉
secretly, duhh.
if not there won’t be any thrill or fun in it, period.

oh. also..
i have a story to share.
Names have been changed to protect the innocent, harmless and mentally problematic identities.
(biasedly speaking)

you know alot of the boutiques or shops/stores have securities right?
our security is abit on the.. psychotic side, (please note this is just my belief, u can see her to judge urself)
i think i’ve mentioned "the aunty security who likes to smack my butt".
yes thats her.
Ema and me (same dept) have always been friendly2 with Security aka Dong.
she gives us sour plums and mentos. though i reject ’em sometimes cos i am uncomfortable about her.
i am a very paranoid person like that.
everyone’s a suspect. GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT!
(i keep on thinking people are out there to get me. obviously they have better things to do,
but you just may never know huh.)

so, while Ema was doing her table folding and i was doing sizing,
she happened to see Dong writing importantly in a blue colored book.
dengan muka penuh semangat.
so Ema was thinking ahh, what about sia could she be writing.. so she walked over to the security counter and peered.
Dong didnt object to Ema’s nosy interference. she didnt even say its not okay for us to look.
apparently that signals that its okay.. so i came over as well.

*muka kepo2, sumpah*

Ema look in e book.. i was looking through the glass doors, really cant wait to go home punya muka.
skali she snorted with hysterical laughter.. and i swear to you, i adore her laugh, its FREAKING contagious!
so i laughed la cos funny what she laugh! then i asked her why.
(laugh first then find out)

apparently in the book was written..:
"12.45pm, Dong go toilet.
2pm, Dong go lunch.
3.45pm Dong inform counter.

Ema and me dah kekek semacam sia.
probably very inappropriate for a place like there (stiff and PRO).
you know how i cackle right my friends?.. (im trying not to ah. burok sia ketawe camtu. sheesh)
Ema has this really high pitch giggle that develops into hysterics within seconds.. which made me cackle even louder,
because its so freaking funny.
we kept on laughing hysterically (i was bent over the entrance table and Ema was holding the pillar to support ourselves while laughing) and making fun of Dong (eg. HAHAHAHAHAH!! DONG GO TOILET!? *continues with fresh peals of hysterical laughter*) and making up new updates (eg. Dong fed up with womens staffs. 8.05pm / Dong sign off. 10.30pm)

Ema: *in between breaths* aku pikirr…. *giggles uncontrollably* aku pikir dia adalah tulis.. *giggles again* macam benda2 lain, muka semangat siaa… skali pandang… *howling with laughter* ‘DONG GO TOILET!!’ WAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

haha sial ar ni partner aku.
Dong wanted to shoot us with rubberbands…
lol. takda cara sia detu.
we ran into the erm.. SO CALLED pantry (sumpah sengkek nak mampos bodow)..
manager kalau tau we playing a fool, -DIE-

loooooolll… and all e way Ema n me kept laughing about it.
that happened yesterday.
When i saw Dong..
i mimed writing and said.. "DONG GO TOILET. 12.45PM".

Dong rolled her eyes at me and said..
"next time if got.. *incomprehensible* dont come find me.."
wahh.. marah sey.. chill la.
i forgot to mention she also has speech problems.. erm. okay no, more like voice problems.
sometimes you can only catch one word in her sentence.. most of e time i just nod intelligently and smile or laugh as and when needed.
or i just walk away being busy.. (what! i really am busy what..)
just please dont hold it against me and call me a meanie or a bitch please,
SHE MOLESTS us. okay lol. no. brushing her hands against our butts,
walking by without any sense of personal space. smacking our butts..

she has her nice points la duhh.

she also says she wants to complain to manager about us two.. (whaaaaat! we dont even bully her lor. geez. just teasing!)
Ema: "aku macam nak cakap je, asal kene complain? tulis je la dalam buku tu.. " *fresh new giggles during break time together just now* LOL LAAAA.

hahahahahah siak aje ni Ema.

then i lost my ezlink yesternight.
missed my 11.30 175 bus because i was busy stripping my bag and STILL no ezlink! -_-
lucky still got coins.
11.40 and 175 rambled along.

me: "how much to west coast?"
driver: *was yawning and tried to stifle it* "er… $1.40"

bus lurched forward and started moving, by doing so, the entry lights off.
so i cannot see whats inside my purse.
i didnt have much la. but STILL. got lots of papers whaaaat.

me: *complaining voice* "hmmmm.. cannot see.."
driver then snaps on the light.
i only had $1.30 coins on me.

me: *smiles sweetly* "$1.30 can anot..?"
he nodded. i guess he just wanted to get rid of me.
so i did and said thankyou.
naik bus pun boleh bargain pe.
after sending a complaining sms to the Strange tea (who asked me to calm down and search again.. pffts)
i said thankyou to her for reading and actually felt better.
sumpah aku weird. i think i just need to share. its such a therapy. -_- so i calmed down.
i gotta be thankful at least its only ezlink.. not the makeup bag (tragic gila babi sia gitu! i swear!) or the keys.. or purse..
really thank god for that la. ahem.
Doesnt matter.

notttteeee: there are alsooooo reaaaal interesting spoooky stories about our stockrooms! later i interview the victims and share k! prep: we got a total of 3 LADIES dept stockrooms. =p woots.
p.s your sugarcandy.

dont know what it is about me that some people just dislike. we cant stop ’em from talking. oh and dont just believe blindly to what you hear, dear friends and strangers alike. most of them arent even true. (:
you hate the bravado right? admit it. oh and before calling others stupid, just look at your pitiful self first,
are you a somebody then? L.O.L unfunny. (:


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