dream bookstore..

it was a fine and breezy weekend and Fred was all alone, eating strawberry ice cream
and just strolling around the city.. or neighborhood corners (more like) when

she suddenly came across a mysterious small and blue door.
she wouldn’t even have noticed it was there if she hadn’t been looking down to check her shoelaces.

Now, my friends, the door was only up till her chest,
Fred is very much a curious young lady, she looked strangely at the little door, wondering to just pass by or 
to peek in.. in which case she suspected the door would be locked.
she smoothen her plain white dress and bent down just a little to reach the bronze coloured doorknob..

pulse racing, she was thinking how these kind of situations only happened in storybooks she used to read as
a little girl..
her heart thumps a little harder when her hand stiffened to turn the knob..

The door creaked slightly and swung slowly open..

-story abruptly interrupted-
sorry. =P you have a general idea of what this dream bookstore might be.
i may continue the story. or may not (on e blog anyways). LOL.

Meet Alfreda aka Fred. (: she’s afew months old created and she’s 13 forever with lots of adventures.

today wasn’t a very good day, but im not going to be disheartened.
thank you strange tea for the food! =D
not grumpy anymore after fuel.
and im just a little bit broke. err.. okay. understatement.
what! its the end of month. -_-
i am hoping to have a trip to Japan EYE of 2010.. insya’allah. LOLS.
just wishing. there’re more important things than that ofcourse,
like going back to school! =D
okay uhh..

and two best quotes of the day:
"why you dont want to speak tagalog???? you pinoy right!" – fellow colleague.
"asfa.. kau tak suke lelaki eh?" LOL. didnt know not responding means i am senget.

p.s very alice in wonderland. (:


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