disco love.

lol. just read The Ward’s blog. apparently someone hated on one our videos.
ohwell. sumpah unimportant. *demonstrates by showing a speck of lint and flicking it away*
here are the long dued raya photos. about 1 week ago. =P

at mine.

at The Airwind’s..

what is this. zzzzz NEXT.

at The Chacha’s..

have i told you her house is amazing? not just the food table la. we didnt eat at her’s.
went to ella’s for that. [=

and she served this for drinks. (:

dont comment. Dino’s idea. hysterical. ella tukang step cute.

at the ella’s.

The Strange Tea’s bday is this coming wednesday. ^^ *panics*
anyway right, i have the CRAZIEST idea ever.. which i am about to confess to you strangers.
it is this: i would love to open up my own library OR bookstore.
LOL! well people, nothing is ever impossible. remember that.

today and tomorrow is my offday.
i am not sure about tomorrow’s plans?
dumdum and vod will be here in about 3+pm..
i’ve been singing loudly at home because im alone right now..
i feel like dancing and shaking my ass. i am still on a high.

tonight i gotta go dhoby again to the course place for ‘nother interview. hahahaha..
ohwells. (((: HUG FEST. lol!
i wanna go to the lounges with ST. ): she hasnt responded whether she wants to or not or when.

i feel like going to the library. wanna borrow a book about… costumes.

anyway. they;re having this gathering on weds night 11-1.30am (pay for your own transport btw)..
there’ll be fashion shows n fun and games, you also gotta
dress as a fashion icon eg Twiggy, MJ, whoever. it SOUNDS fun and guess what,
thursday im working morning shift. i swear its not even funny. -_-
i cant turn up. sorry. penalty or not. (:

-date on thurs night-


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