acceptance is a beautiful gift you can give.

i miss having the happymeals over (:
tuesday i got a date with them at my place.
i requested ’em to bring a horror dvd. LOL.
its a great thing we live only afew blocks away from each other.
i never wanna move house if i could. LOL! really. (: i like it here. alot.
its peaceful.

yesterday morn went to vod’s.
then they accompanied me somewhere.. and then we had nasi lemak and bubbleteas.
as usual t’was filled with laughter.
kept on reminiscing on our past together.
sumpah prangai nenek2 get-together sia.
but so funny! still remembered the days when we kept on wanting to run away from dumdum, but
she is so thick skin, that she is oblivious to thevibrations of dislike towards her! HAHAHAHA.

"we’ve grown up". (:
i like that.

anyways. tuesday is the day we are gonna terrorize some people.
im meeting fieza in afew hrs. after SO LONG. (: haha!! we hung otp ytd like.. i dunno? an hour or more?
and had this short profession of
"i miss you so much! i feel like strangling you" or.. "yarrrh! i just wanna go over and
give you a rib crushing hug!". violent love. =)
we both find it hard to be sweet talker lil idiots to each other.
SHABBY, on the other hand is easier to cozy up to.
im kind of an in-between personality. LOL! when its time to get tough, fieza’s there (complete with her negative energy HAHA).
when its ooey-goooey sweet — shabby’s there (she’s like a warm blanket).

okays. gonna go get ready nowszzzers

JAKE, wanna meet next weds? or saturday night? have missed you many.. lemme know.. 😀
ella, blog kau close down k. =P

in e meantime, apart from work & feeling tired n sick all e time, people have been nice, so life’s good. (:


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