a couple of text.

Dear customers, with deepest regrets,
i would like to apologize for being a useless sales executive and not being of much help on the sales floor.
what with pulling a long face when interrupted while folding the clothes or
glinting maliciously while reporting to you about our lack of new pieces and hence you gotta take the display piece
or get out and generally indicating there is nothing else i can do for you
(when i actually can but i just couldnt be freaking bothered),
i am sorry.

Despite that, i would dearly love to point out regarding your short tongue problems.
Please to stop spluttering at my face when you dont get what you want,
or you aren’t very sure as to how you should phrase your questions/sentences.
Go over what you wanna say in your mind properly before speaking to poor old and little me.
(i will not stand anymore SPIT in my eyes)
With many thanks and gratitude;

The Apple.

with that said!
i will actually storytell now.
yesterday while i was folding,
(thats all i do nowadays -_- i’ll probably be a pro and consider working with the
laundry people someday or soon.)
i saw two metrosexuals/heterosexuals? (whatever you call ’em.) hanging around the zone i was folding for.
they’re gays basically.
i would like to assure you that i have absolutely NOTHING against them.
infact! i like gays.. yea really. im gay myself. i try to be happy everyday yarh!
and well, one of them was EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKING.
its just a waste i couldnt hit on him. -_-

not that im the hitting type,
i smile from time to time, to girls and boys, aunties, family, whoever seems to cross paths with me.
i smile alot when im in a good mood.
and usually not before it hits 9am.
but i was really fascinated with them, they tried the blazers and were modeling themselves
infront of the full length mirrors
(which i tend to always look at whenever i pass by.. cant help myself. im self obsessed afterall yarh GANGS!)
and eventhough i was finished with the folding, i continued to fumble and refold the stupid clothes.
in short, i was hanging around. ^^ hee.

but really, 1 of them was so very good looking..
i dont even care if he doesnt like girls.
if he ever turns straight again, call me yarh!
no. im just kidding. i never wanna have problems sharing my makeup or fashion tips,
that’ll be so damn weird.

so yesterday i had fever,
and i still worked.
i was pretty darned slow.
i rarely fall sick so its a surprise.
what else thats surprising is that i recovered today. ^^ (erm, as sudden as it comes, it disappears)
i am so amazing. *flicks hair + shameless expression*

i absolutely adore the line "hey gorgeous". its such a lame pickup. ^^

i also dislike personal pen stealers with the whole of my desperate being.
i really2 do.
and stop claiming my PENSS as yoursssssss… (imma be putting my name on ’em soon! LIKE TONIGHT)
i know. its so petty, but i NEED my pens.
they’re my pens no matter what! even if i can buy new ones, THOSE ARE STILL MY PENS YOU’RE HOLDING, BUDDY.
its a big deal to me because i write so much and when i dont write, i just wilt and die.
so scram!

and uhh hey,
i just wanted to pass this on to you readers:
practise this yeah girlfriends!
its the same as NEVER ASK, NEVER KNOW.
erm, similar i would say.

i like people who can ask themselves away. ^^ i really do.
i wanna be that too, honestly.

today the whole day was spent at home,
The Ward slept like a pig and didnt come to the west with my Eunos chicken rice..
but its okay, because i spent the day watching JAP DRAMAS!! =D
yay for me.

i love Toma Ikuta okay.
i really do.


and here’s e little "Gamer" movie outing with shab photos:

thats all i gotta say.
morning shift tmr!
happy tuesday everyoneeee!

manymanymanyhugsandkisses :-*

THANKS miss Strange tea for the photos.. ^^
you are fab!
(did i just use "fab"?? OH GREAAAT. )
more on ’em soon!


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