The Ward & me goes to town.

okay. today is the first day of something. will update by the end of the week. x)

kena tengok apa, gerek ke tak. then talk about it.

cute snail right?! its so small, as small as my thumb!
lucky i didnt step on it. *muka animal lover*

photos stolen from The Ward‘s.

went out with The Ward yesterday! *flicks hair* durrhh.
baby marr couldnt make it. Ward seemed pretty sad.
*muka dah biasa kene bubble yer*
visited The S @ her workplace… =P
She seemed ready to die, or least, she looked like she needed a break badly.

poor baby shabby!
sadly we had to leave her, because we wanted to watchhh…
& well, besides, it was 6pm+ (nearing buka time)..

we buka-ed at the kopitiam beside NAFA.
my favourite place during attachment days.
they didnt have chicken rice. *kicks tables n chairs*

nevermind ar.
the person serving us pun ada siket weird2.
so dont wannna kick up a fuss. *im very nice like that*
so we ordered 2 chicken chop, 1 cheesefries & Ward & mine’s standard drink — iced milo.
The Ward seemed upset laaa……

then a girl approached our table saying her friend wants to make friends.

girl: "hie, my friend want to buat kawan boley?" *siap tangan dengan pen+paper, muka mintak autograph*

A: *startled & looks up, was busy with hp screen checking movie timings at LIDO* "errr… tkpelah, i attached"
*muka tipu sunat*

girl: *surprised, her eyebrows seemed to disappear for a moment.* "oh you attached?"
( hmm. biadap dia nak ckp ape siaa) "tapi nak make friends??"

A: *muka PIKIRAN yer, tenung jauh jap before answering…* "hmmm, tkpelah, its okay. *smile fake*
(muka nak kurangajar tapi susah, sebab the girl cute.)

girl: "okay thanks." *smile besar2, muka tak sabar nak pulang ke pangkuan kaum kerabat*

darn laaa. that girl’s a natural cutie.
ok aku checkout gals & not boys.. *muka potential senget*

anyway. so after that we proceeded to go LIDO.
took bus.

caught the movie:

at LIDO, terserempak ITE mate afian & co.
he’s The Dinosaur’s classmate.
one of his friends potential masok mental hospital YARH.

movie was okay! kinda pleased with the sound effects..
and the machines were good looking enough for me to think about it afterwards.
in the movie, Ward & me were like plotting which is our character.
I *flicks hair* happened to be the character 9 itself. AHEM.
*muka tembok dan shameless as always*
Ward is number 7! case selalu bawak banyak barang (kau nak lari ruma pe?), siket2 binget tak tentu pasal dan perangai TERJANTAN.
itulah dia.
and then there’s The Shabby as character 5! although only one eyed, also potential lari rumah, and soft hearted,
AND ALTHOUGH SHE DIED, she fits the character la.

then there were also her enemies in there..
had fun snorting loudly in the theater ar.

wanna watch:


like VERY SOON please! ^^

okay. our movie started at 9.30 and ended about 10.50?
after movie, perangai tanak balek rumah, we sat at the mcdonalds outside..
bought chocolate sundae and VIDEO WHORED! again.

have yet to receive the video though.
some of you may find it incomprehensible BECAUSE of e fact we were rambling
on and on, *prangai mak nyah* our membebel takda arah tujuan.
BUT, our own entertainment pleasure, because we are self obsessed like that.

had a lURVELY time.

then Ward sent me to e bustop siap dgn muka mak2 dia..
and she, in turn missed her bus. -_-
and alottaaa things happened. you can go catch her chronicles at her own blog okay.

gonna meet them up again next week, we need the presence of The Nani & The Shab,
and of course our 2 shameless faces Ward & me *durrrhhh*
must check my schedule la. *perangai businesswoman*

oh and i TOTALLY must share arrr,
in the afternoon yesterday, Ward called me,
she just woke up, her voice was like some transvestite from changi.
i almost thought it was a wrong number or crossed line..
you never know yARHH with technology these days!
ingatkan bap0k siam mana la kan..

okay ciao cin ciao! have a great monday!


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