:-* goody two shoes.

eh boybands.
sorry heh.

salon. had to re-rebond my hair with whatever left, it was starting to look like a birds nest made of wires.
so i couldnt stand it.

while in the salon,
sms back n forth. flipped through the mags they handed me (padahal i just wanted to rebonddddddd, isit soo hard.)
waited for an hour for one of the dressers to be free. ^^

i have zero heat tolerance. -_- i hate blowdryers, and i hate those tongs. but daaaanng,
gotta love the results!
okay not much difference, i just feel more secure though.
am afraid its gonna be sooooo dry n damaged so i got their rich shampoo + cond.
the hairdresser showed me the smallpack which costs 8$ (very cute, but hmm, small…??)
if i buy the huge salon usage ones (sumpah heavy duty sak)….
well, she didnt elaborate more after looking at my expression.. which was just as well.
(where the f*ck am i supposed to put those in the bathroom?! open my own salon ar?!)
so she showed me the medium, normal, HDB resident sized ones.. (she could’ve showed me them earlier,
but noooo…she didnt.) is 20% off. =DD
as you know me, *flicks hair*, i loveeee bargains! so i got them.

look girly. prestigious brand, salon exclusive, rich and for dry hair, CONVINCE ME OTHERWISE..
*skips away happily*
geez. shopping sure puts me in a perky mood!

hope it helps.. i’d do anything to keep my hair. anything (within reason).

and then while waiting,
watched their tv, channel 8 drama.
the scene was that the boyfriend was in ICU/hospital/ward,
very2 sick. dying basically.
the girl was holding his hand, talking softly (dont understand her speech),
when suddenly the guy’s life support goes tooooooooooooott..

the girl stares in disbelief..
the guy’s hand went limp and dropped to the side of his bed,
his middle finger prominent.

i KNOW its sad and all that..
but seeing his hand, i snorted loudly and giggled when i remembered i was in the salon.
all the other ladies in the salon gave me dirty looks as if saying,
how could i be so heartless at a scene like that. -_- (we were all watching the tv intently, even the hairdressers)
i mean check that finger!! didnt they see it or what?! hahahahahahah! *hysterical*

well okay.
i love watsons, have i told you that?
i love it so much that i could forget bringing my stupid little discount coupons *muka mak nyah dan cheapo*
i only brought the carddddddd. fffffffffather mother brother sister!!
i could’ve saved 4$ okays. ok. no biggie. mumbles.
ergh. nevermind.

and im gonna redye tomorrow maybe.
if i’ve got the energy.. i probably will,
hair color so shabby now. -_- *low self esteem*

JB! wheeee! promise pictures and stupid lame-ass videos!

busy morning at macpherson… nite dinner with nabo n vod. (:

friday: i have no idea. O_O i feel that i’m booked on this day, but i cant remember???

sat: dinner with great pals! [named stated below there]

sun: no idea.

monday.. is the start of a new life. 😉  more on it soon.

p.s suka i conference with jerry, hilmi, erwin and dino! oh. and ryan’s short voice appearance. missed all of u very
much *big big heartshape* see you "gurlfrenssszzzz" this sat!


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