baybeats day 2.

yesterday, errr……. *no comments*

talking to ANISAH/J the late twit. =p

paparazzi shot. LOL.

muka kurang kasih sayang ye. (lack of love)

gigi mesti scary.

after came home from meeting j in e morn @ redhill,
went home and slept, as stated in
woke up at 4 and got ready to meet kyn.
was so very very very sleepy and grumpy. sumpah.
kept on snapping at innocent passersby.

weirdly enough, i recovered myself after dinner. LOL.
slap me please.
wanted to have chicken rice ): but queue too long.
and i was grumbling already, sigh. so nvm. mcdonalds it is *hee, 0k stop the junkfood asfa*
j was late. she met us at the kopitiam/banquet whatever at marina sq.

8plus and we went to see the performances.
it was okay la.
nothing interesting.

today Anberlin is performing and imma give it a pass.
slap me pls. *sad*
i cant go. sigh sigh sigh.

im gonna cry while reading till i fall asleep.

okay great, i’ve finished book 2 — The Sea of Monsters,
and since its a free day, i’ll be continuing with book 3!:

yes! =DDDD

very, very good la. i really, really love. *muka nerd*
M.E is reading the fourth book. i will finish the 3rd book within a day and
i hope she’ll finish it by then. -_-
so i can read it.

okaybye. (:



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