looks VERY GOOD.

yesterday i met stephy ((:
Anna was supposed to come along, but she couldnt last minute,
so i was left with the loony all by myself!
fun la fun!
laugh and laugh non stop.
a good match, cant find someone who makes me laugh harder than she. =p
had fun and THANKS steph — if you’re reading. 😉

Aug 20th photos with stephy. (:

tsk. im irritated by my mouth. 0kaaaaybaai.

sumpah our pictures very kental, but i had fun all the same.
nextime im gonna bring the camera. -_-
yesterday’s photos will be up soon i hopeeeeee.?

well yeah. i’ve finished book 1, The Lightning Thief mentioned in the previous post,
now im starting with the 2nd book:

BEST LA!!! suka i!! heard he’s the up-coming writer now?
whatever, point is,
fantasy fans you should try this series. 😉

you will lurveee it. (:

he mixes greek mythology with modern-day settings plus humour.
lol. whats there for me to dislike. ^^
cant keep my eyes off them books.

today am meeting fieza, nani and maybe shab?
its also the first day of baybeats.
GSE will be there no wonder kyn kemaruk wanna go.
nevermind. i’ll see you people tomorrow (sat) kays.
have fun babes! ((:

yes. back to ijah and nani.
geylang again?
will see.
i promise pictures. ^^

okay. gonna go youtube now.
been reading all morning.
talk soon.

p.s in the train otw home, steph sat directly infront of a (maybe) poly student, playing imaginary piano on her bag.
LOL. she called me in a fit of giggles. and there was one moment steph thought i was having a seizure or i got
posessed because of the way i shook my head. HAHAHA. flowering funny.
if i can
demo to you, i would because i couldnt stop laughing till i cried. ok not funny. bye.


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