life in editing.

hiieeeee! first first,
i wanna show off new shoes courtesy of herwan.. as my birthday present.. ^^
wonder if he chose them himself, or whoever helped him, thank you. LOLLLLL.
okay biadap, point is, I LOVE THEM. (((:

they look even BETTER when worn *muka high self esteem*
they’re so simple and pretty, bloodyhell. i have yet to wear them. hmms.

thanks boyfriend. (: ❤

9th august pictures:

you guessed it. while i was bored — work. fitting rooms.
pink is so not my colour. -_-

yes! i tottered in those wedges again…………………
and went home crying. this is my 3rd time. i am not giving up my love for heels.
not yet.. theyre too gorgeous. geez. shab can make a fanclub for my shoes ^^
she loves them. dont you??? *muke self conscious*
aiya. cheap la. 25$ far east level 2/3, nearby funcdeko. ;p
but.. cheap2 also comes with a price huhhh… quality wise! -_-
charles n keith next. hmph.

and kyn picked me up.

and LJS @ bugis.
we visited shab for awhile.. (:

ok asfa muke

errrrrrmmmmmmm…….. i also dunno why.

because kyn obsess with me. *flicks hair* ok. kidding sia. damn bimbo sak asfa. whatthephucks.

reading the day’s note to fizah — which btw she hasnt seen.

shab and me! her boyfriend n his friend came by while kyn n me were resting at SMU.
there were too many people at the bustops and towards the train stations.
and besides, my feet were in so much pain *ok sumpah aku kental and heel noob*
so we sat down for awhile.. (:

sumpah gigiku scary mary.

awwww. ^^

erm. muke steaming-meaming. 0keybai.

sumpah muka shiok sendiri && i did those babies myself!
tigermum isnt very happy when i start cutting up clothes. -___-

geez. i need to do something about my hair, dont i.. =(
theyre shapelesssssssss… arrrrghhhhh!
but i thought i wanted to keep long hair, didnt i? i still do, dont i??

ergh. maybe spruce up the colour… but should i thin it? no no. will look frizzy..
but its already frizzy, asfa.. *debating with self* I KNOW..
we dont want to make it any frizzier, right ? so no thinning,
but its so thick and shapeless… stop being a bitch, it looks fine.. no it doesnt,
and you know it.. ARRRRGHHH. what do i do now. *emergency*

okay. i got till saturday till i make up my mind.

what i want:
stunning bodycon dress that wont emphasize on my ass. -_-
but thats what they do, isnt it?
geez. its the main reason why i havent bought one. ):
people will look at me and prolly throw tomatoes screaming "WIDELOADDD".
shut up.

okay. so maybe i want a minidress. i saw somebody wearing this simple
electric blue one.. didnt have the balls to ask her where she got them.

hmm. maybe i’ll just get some jeans n tshirts on second thoughts.
and some books from the NLB book sale @ expo the coming 23rd aug or something.
or maybe i’ll just do my hair and shut the hell up already.
i hate being fickle. -_-

p.s: grit your teeth and do it. bring it on. what am i so afraid of? cb. its so not you, and absophuckinglutely
not whats written in the stars.


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