great day.

so. happy 1816th birthday to.. erm, me.

i’ll just load up the pics huhs.
awaiting those in shab’s camera!

so they came by, surprising me..
i swear i wasnt suspecting a thing.
and okay, i cant believe that i cried la. bloodyhell.
shut up kays korang.
aku emotional like that.
burok sak melalak cmtu.

and ella was like "omg.. aku tak pernah nampak asfa nangis.."
kau tinggal serumah ngn aku, every month kau nampak aku nangis. lalala.

you have NO IDEA!
what you did was incredibly sweet!!!
(okay, sumpah im sounding like someone lacking of love (kurang kasih sayang), what thee….)

shab and fieza baby bought me this cake.. ((: thank you soooo much.
they lighted up candles when i came up the stairs.. and i was already hysterically screaming
"OHMYGOOOOODDDDDD!!!!" repeatedly, please be assured that its rarely i get surprises.
and then i burst into tears. yeah. what else is new lah kan. -__-
sorry aku melalak, sak. SHEEMAKS..
and then they sang birthday song for me, and i was sniffling while singing it.
and shab still snapped pics of me blowing the candles while tearing emotionally, sumpah aku kental.

shab, takmo upload k, muke aku burok. load yg muke aku cute2 je.

and then i cut the cake..
and passed around and we ate, at that staircase.. (mcm takda tempat lain gitu)

in attendance. (: photographer is Ella.

Ella and kyn dropped by to visit me at work while aku tengah
there was not many customers arrrrr!!!!
and then dah gitu, the people working today were
damn depressing, so aku peluk pillar & stare into space mcm orang gila.
nobody to talk to. *muka lonely*

and Ella gave me her gift and kyn too.
so sweet ar.
as cliche as it is, i didnt need/want any gifts.
(i didnt even rmbr till jerry kept on counting down since yesterday..)
your presence cheered me up greatly,
finally somebody whom i can actually connect with and someone who wont speak to me in mandarin with a thick china
accent regardless whether i understand or not.
honestly, that lady can go on talking and mumbling to me in mandarin and i would stare stonily back at her and
she STILL DOESNT GET IT that i dont understand.
dahlah petang2 hari pun nak steam baju! XIAO!

fieza ward, me & michelle! ((: THE stitch GIRLS. i loveeeeeeeee these 2 =DD still remembered the day we first met each other
on the interview, LOL. we were sizing each other up lorhh. fieza muka kerek, ada hati nak panggil aku kerek.
kau pergy mampos kays..! HAHAHA i love you both laa.. =D
and hope michelle creates a facebook soon! honestly man, she’s missing out! we all need her online.
michelle is our very own lovable minah-lian. she can swing both ways, and i loooooveee her accent when she
speaks malay. HAHAHAAH. best.

fieza n me… sumpah aku damn selekeh. i would’ve worn a skirt to work ar if i knew this was gonna happen.

ella baby!! thanks for coming by…….. aku appreciate it so much… aku mcm nak nangis lagy *lips wobbling*
and cheer up kay bie.. (: ur my inspiration nevertheless. stay strong.

kyn! i refrigerated ur super cute cakeeeee =DD gonna eat it tomorrow! THANK YOU for coming too!

fieza n michelleeeee… HAHAA…

aww. aku muke tercuak sendiri. actually no, i think i have that "gigolo" expression. wtf.

KYN’S CAKE =DDDD CUTE KAAAN. i love cream cakes.

busy with the cake..

sheebye-ness la fieza. aku suke kau pnye dress. jual bila?

thanks ella!

thanks shab for the lovely handmade bracelet.. i fucking love it, its SO me ar *muke HSE* and its
black and GOLD!! and this photo does it no justice.
and for developing the photos as cards ((: all 3 photos have personalized msges by shab, fieza n michelle themselves.
its so sweet i just cant stop talking. *fans self vigorously*

and yes, if you were wondering, i cried again when reading the messages .WHAT THE HELL ASFA.
-_____- im so overwhelmed by everything they did.

HAHAHA THANKS FIEZA BABY! tau aku tak cakap pape pasal nie benda the other day when we went to SASA, biar
kau struggle finding something to buy! =p LOL KIDDING LA. love it!

and that was how my birthday went. (:

i wanna thank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU who wished me via sms, facebook, msn, other profiles, phonecalls,
in advance and in every other way possible, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ((:
you people are so sweet! i swear i dunno how to thank you.
okay. seriously i sound like budak kurang kaseh sayang kay. wth.

oh! and i’ve read my horoscope..
i’ll share tomorrow or something. tragic pe sak. LOL.
nothing serious, just freaky how accurate. -__-
and afew other stories.
i need to catch up on sleep! =D
so gnight!


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