aku self obsessed, okbye.

forever 16. invincible. immortal. unlimited youth.

i love my friends.
and i miss you, yes you. you know, you. -__- so long since we hung out.
and picking me up during PMS day dont count.
and kyn has suddenly mia-ed from JAKE’s life. -_- where r you b*tch.? (:
and hilmi is swined. HAHA. nola choi. touchwood sia. but he cries in his bunk. LOL. nola kidding k. get well soon

and fieza n shab have been wonderful colleagues cum friends.
we’ve crossed the stiff border of colleagues already. (:
i dearly want to welcome them into my life. aww. so sweet.
without them, working life would be so bloody dull, i want to nod off right on the stupid counter.
they make me lose my excess energy, be it thru talking, laughing or etc. y’know, the usual.
they entertain me!
[geng tak buat kerja.]

it seems like i havent got time nowadays.
not much anyway, to update with as much funny stories n encounters as i would have in the past.
i miss those days.
but i’ll post whenever n whatever i can and feel like posting -__- even if theyre shallow..
like it has been the past months..

and stephanie n me were having the most funniest convo on the phone just now.
damn. thanks for calling babe. i wanna see you soon la. 😉

last sat i wasnt in the mood, but i met JACE (jerry asfa chacha ella, lol.)
sorry for being so moody eh babes. love you. haha.
i’ll update you with the pictures tomorrow. i think?
theres alotta pix to put up. well no, not really. only about 52. =/

p.s by this friday if i dont get it, you 3 are dead. brand kau bungkus baik.

and im sorry theres not much content laa. so very busy and easily tired.
perangai orang kurang vitamin sak. -__-
asfa wake up n buck up arrr. kenfentalfalzzzzzz.com/asfaaman.

okaybye! *waves*
chat soon. really2. a proper entry.


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