ignite 09 @ RP (saturday)

haha! so cute..

next up:
-salon session again.
-contact lens. (it’d be my first time, swear)
-shoes/birkentstocks. gotta make a wise choice..
-wide-neck thin material tshirts
-canvas slouchy bag. dunno where i can get one but i want one..or that red bag at mango.. O_O

insya’allah if theres enough.

i’ve been pms-ing alot.
i swing from two extremes,
the true blue bitch, or the total silent treatment. -_-

dear ms flo,
pls come over and get it over and done with.
stop messing with my mood and hormones. thank you.
i’ll be expecting you to come knocking next week.

sorry to the people who’ve been affected by my moodswings.
my colleagues especially. today to be precise.
im sorry. -_-

it hasnt exactly been a bed of roses.
but i wanna be thankful for what i have and where i am standing now. (:
i want to give it my all. yay me!

so fast and its gonna be a new month.
paycheque, i smell you.
dont run away from me.

and i saw the cutest leopard print scarf @ cotton on which Jerry dislikes. -_-
and really awesome shades too.

i really need the salon now.
really really do.

i know. this is the most bimbo entry i’ve ever written.

dislikes: cracked lips. cockroaches. forgetting a cosmetic. busy hands. waking up early. no sales. moodswings.

current loves: free hands. red lips. my kitties. natural looking falsies. lily cole. fun colleagues. skinny frames. good sleep.

damn. gotta keep up the good sleep. (:


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