flying fucklets kay.

if you ever seek amy,
just come to tampines mall isetan and search for the brand beside Stitch!!!!!!

i just wanna die.
only 2 days of her arrival and she’s driving all of us NUTS.

she’s even more lesbian than me.
how could that even be possible, you say?
okay. im not one to start with. erghhh.
only certain ppl i dont mind doing that. -___-
my space is approximately 10kilometeres from YOU. ergh.

it just sucks with her around,
i just wanna disappear from my counter and die quietly.
okay wait, i dont want to die, i havent turn eighteen. i need to live life abit.

let her die.
she’s three-one.

sorry, im just in a bitching mode.
because with her around i can never have a peaceful time.
i canttt!! *wails*
geeeez. i’ve been eating chocolates so much to feel better.
or maybe its the hormones..? tsk.
she makes me wanna strangle someone.
bloody annoying.

and im rapidly expanding BECOS kind people have been feeeding me,
like i’ve said. stoppppp ittttt!!!! plsssss…
or i’m gonna weigh 50 soon… T_T
i always have a choice to reject, BUT
i can never resist food. shoot me pls.

and these hormones are making my B.O even worse la.
i cant believe im even admitting this.
so pls stay the fuck away from me.
im gonna spray myself with perfume so much you people are gonna choke n die.

and herwan is falling sick. =(
i really hope he feels better soon.
tmr theres a test and if his degrees arent down by then he cant take it.

and then i just feel so damn fucking lethargic nowadays.
and moody. and.. ERGH. i dont feel good.
ms flo will visit next week, confirm.

p.s if only you knew how much. (:

I LOVE YOU! okbye,

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