use people..

and love money.

not the reverse. hahaha. ultra-wealth secret.

inspired from one of strange tea’s contacts in fb. (:
but ST’s friend typed out the reverse, i just prefer this better. HEH!

and i know i haven’t updated, but its been crazy.
i have been traveling to and fro ): and im shagged.
but i enjoy it, seriously, eventhough my feet kills me. (:

BUT, just wanted to say i have never been better.
okay i need to sleep already.
i know, its so not me *look at the clock*
but im worried cos i got eyebags the size of ion shopping mall,
dark eyerings like somebody socked me in the face and my puffiness/swelling is starting again.
(i always get that when i dont have enough rest =( )

besides, i keep sleeping in the train with my mouth hanging open.
damn embarassing and unglam kays.
not even ladylike ar. skeemaks.

okaybye. (: love you all.

p.s: i’ve watched transformers already. yesterday. with strange tea. *no comments*

about last year. (: very long, but i love it still. lalala.


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