just because im a self-obsessed little BEACH. CHECK THAT JERRY. aku da shakap ngn kau, aku narcissist, kau tak caye.
sheemaks. kau pegy "phuck on" k. 😉

OMG! CUTE RIGHT?! i just wanna go "awww!" when i look at these pictures. ^^

not only is Ella obsessed with herself, she is also a big fan of Jerry.
she is obsessed with Jerry. WHO KNEW. *muke freaked out* 😉
hahahahah!!!!! aku ktawe sorang sak type gini. 0kaybye.

Jerry, aku nak print gambar yang tengah, abey jady mcm kau (tengok muke kakak kau yang tengah tido),
abey senyum sendiri malam-MALAM. sheemaks. obsessed pe. aku nak buat club ngn Ell

they say never waste pictures with my face on it, even if they’re blurry. *muke high self extreme*
mamp0s ar korang.

Ella, the new Ju-On back-up cast.

ELLA NOTTYGAL!! WOOHOO! *muke goncang*

sheemaks J, YOU’VE CHANGED. 😉

Jerry doesn’t smile cos she’s afraid the picture will reveal her eyebags.
RIGHT JERRY? x) *muke evil*
asal kau prangai diva. kite sume ber-eyebag k.

Jerry’s chin, Asfa & Ella. (:

-end of camera pictures-

-start of jerry’s cameraphone pix-

somehow this is my favourite picture! ^^

kalau aku tak senonoh, NOBODY snonoh kay. HAHAHAHA WTFSIAASFAYOUF’KINGCB.
jerry center parting pun tetap nak muke high self esteem.
aku tak paham org2 gini kay.
prangai chacha.

life has been very, very, very, very tiring. ):
i cant wait for pay.
please please please.

see you around at tampines mall. *huge wink*

takecare peoples! ❤ chat soon!


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