care shared.

by the way dear bffs.
PB updated. 😉
love you! rmbr to tag k.

i’ve got a dinner with some of the borders kids,
my batch to be precise.

we’re going FEP to eat and chill.
its all because Jasmine is going overseas for studies already,
i wish her a safe journey la.


meeting outside borders at 8.
i better get ready nowsssz.


okay. happy wednesday people.. ❤

note to self:
take pictures of our cats and email to my sister. she misses them. -_- pfffts.


4 thoughts on “care shared.

  1. tak uh. school’s first! nanti hols lagi MAYBE ah aku cari kerje lain, hahaha. oh kau kerje kat borders eh? nanti one fine day aku visit k 😀

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