lifes a beach// “we are the partay animals” (hilmi named today’s photo album)

skeemak. asfa step cute siak. LALALA. jerry says she is drop dead cute. LALALA.
high self esteem per kau. 😉

so long since met erwin. LOL. and mr diva aka ryan.
AND hilmi ofcos. ^^

erwin look damn offensive sia here. this image damn PG rated kays.

pix from hilmi’s camera:

abang2 high self esteem. the kind who listen to "turn my swag on". HAHA! woohoo.

malam2 pakai shades pe gurfrenz!


skeemaks. nie muke high self extreme siak J..

i know you like me as your subject, right!! *muke HSE*
ok asfa no shame. lalala.



it was very hot at the 987 Life’s a beach thingy.
i was perspiring really badly.

so i met jerry and hilmi at about 2/3+pm..
at tampines area..
i was from tampines mall and tampines 1.. walking around aimlessly.
i had aims. but it was *poof* gone.
lazy to explain. (:

trained down to harbourfront and waited for mr diva Ryan & Erwin.
seriously damn long since we met them.

we should hang out together, as in really TOGETHER, get it?
like we used to do!
Dino wasn’t able to make it.  sigh.
i miss him verbal abusing me eg. calling me "bopleh". i mean thats not all ar.
not that i really am a "bopleh" ar. wtf sia.
i damn female k.

confirm he was busy with soccer stuffs.
pfffts. kenfentalfal.

so yeah,
so we bought the entrance tix and stuff..
it was sweltering hot ar, i swear.
i just felt like running back to vivo and staying there. -_-

we should’ve arrived slightly later..


okay when we arrived, we seriously felt overdressed.
people were bikini-ing everywhere ar.
(not that im the bikini type..) but, atleast i could’ve worn shorts or something.

the event was sponsored by KOTEX.
hence, the free goodie bags! ^^
hilmi accompanied me to queue cos jerry VERY LAZY. (what a bitch k kau!)
and then he got free ben n jerry’s ice cream..
which i nearly finished up. LALALA. *muke step tak tau*

and then we sat there listening to the band performing. (:
the music was nice.
as the day got darker..
the crowd got wilder. it was very fun ar watching..

then Jerry n me left the dudes and we went walk-walk-walking around..
and jerry got herself a double choc chip muffin from coffeebean..
we had a nice walk..
and then Bapak aka Hilmi ask to come back to our spot..
cos he says "it was going to rain".

hmpf. so we headed back.
many2 youngsters.. and i love people watching..
hope they all had a happening time tonight.

and then somebody tapped me on my shoulders asking me
whether my friendster name was "apple something"..
lol. my account close down already laa.
so im pretty flattered n surprised. erm, thanks? (:

we left quite early, and hung round vivo rooftop.
extremely long time since i’ve been there..
very nice and relaxing.

we were daaaaaaamn tired and we reached home unexpectedly & VERY-NOT-US.ish
almost to a point of disgustingly early.
but got home tired. (:
i had a good time either way.

and i wanna eat at simpang kays  jerry, ryan n hilmi..
ryan says the sambal will kick my ass.
and i told him if it doesnt impress me, he and his "turn my swag on"  PERGY swimming dkat vivo nye river kays.

hilmi owe aku chocolate.
kau da shakap sia.
nak aku print out the conversation? hahahahah.
k kidding ar. muke takyah takot k.

so yes.
im overall very tired n tmr is another long day. ^^
i will face it!

love you all!
have a good sunday kays.

chat soon.

*fuck you! cos i will be happy no matter what! nothing can bring me down ^^*


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