busy busy busy…

getting my social life back on track! lol-ism.

jerry baby’s new hair!! cute or what!? agree with me or die.

sheemaks. satu2 tak senonoh sak.

coffeebean at the forum shopping mall! our favourite hangout. well, mine actually.

theres extremely alot of kyn syiok-sendiri.ing in my camera,
but if i load it all up, am afraid she’ll scold me..
she needs to choose her shots properly afterall. x))

i had a good time ytd J & kyn! (:
see you later.
meeting bffs n ella’s classmates later.
but before that im meeting my ex classmate, Honey aka stephanie! ((:
for something important i need to do.

kays, need to decide what to wear today.
*deep sigh*

i love chocolates.

oh and hello miss flo. sigh.
hence the emoshittism recently.

i gained tummy. ):
need to do sit ups.
and sec sch mates who know me,
you know how disgusting my sit ups are.
i cant even last till two sit ups.



more stories and proper entry soon.
i think. 😉