hmm O.o lalala.

hung out with girlfriends was great ytd. ((:

sheEmaks, syed mcm toyol. heh. ella yang cakap.

cute !

ok ni dah tak cute

i love this picture alot..

jerry ber-seebee with me, she says my bangles look damn keling.
orr horr…

ella, are you okay? =p kyn look so adorable…

we sat at bishan’s block 187 for a short period of time only.. (:
jerry was pretty late..
so we waited for her. ella story2, as usual.
the dudes went to play street soccer..

i was perspiring, but i didnt whine ar..
so proud of myself. ^^
because i wanted to go somewhere air-conditioned. pffts.


then after awhile, we separated ways,
so just left bffs n me..
we went to J8’s mcdonalds. (:
we’re such loud people that when we laughed,
the aunties sitting beside us keep on looking over, annoyed.

pffts. chill ar brother. it’s mcdonalds man. (there were many2 other mad + loud students there too)
go to the library if you want quiet kays. (since she’s reading newspaper anyways)

ella was going home, but kyn, J & me were otw to marina.
yes i know. of all the places.

shut it.

cute nye kyn! and we all agreed that she lost weight ar, cbness.



by the bay. so relaxing ar. been so long where we actually sat there. (:

once in awhile it’s nice to be there..
it’s not infested with mats n minahs much now.. ((:
no offence meant!

woke up really late today.
erm. well, okay i suppose thats not abnormal on my part.

jerry baby is at the salon now, highlighting her hair.
she sms-ed me asking what colour should she highlight.
hmmms. i suggested blondish2 or red.

ella baby is at malacca already.. (:
hope she had a safe journey there..

hope kyn has a great time today too.

i miss them already!

and jerry keep grabbing my crotch accidentally ar yesterday..
nottygal. HAHA WTF.
everytime she wants to alert me about something she sees,
she tries to grab (my hand i think) but she missed the spot and grabbed somewhere
else instead.

geez. TWICE in a day ley!
takpe k syg, grab i bile2 masa. HAHAAHAHAH.

im working at 6 till 12 today.
i feel kind of lethargic today. ):

confirm gonna be busy.

but on a lighter note, can go shopping already!
with J & kyn!
but i need to drop by school to pay school fees & grab my cert. -__-

sorry, got nothing much to say.
but i certainly need to go to the library too. (:

"how to feel like a goddess"


okie bye dolls.


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