happy for u.

jerry, i seriously really, really am very happy on your behalf.
i thought — we all thought we should be worrying.
even you agreed right?!
but i think we should feel open about this.
i don’t wanna feel too "over-protective".
sure we think it’s a foolish thing to do (i do, anyway).
but seeing you so happy makes me feel all warm inside.

will always, always, always be here for you,
(: love you always.

okay. jerry introduced me to this certain guy’s blog.
and his english is bloody horrible, i am actually feeling kind of self conscious typing in english right now.
i hope reading his blog wouldn’t affect my english so badly.
i was laughing my ass off arr siol reading his blog.
fucking entertaining can?!
must go visit ella’s or zul’s blog after this! ENGLISH KORG POWER!! really.

today in the morning, woke up pretty early..
had to meet my hairstylist-in-training Kiki at school to be her model for her highlighting exam. (she’s studying hair fashion & design @ simei)
im actually pretty happy with the highlights ar.

i think she did a great job, hope she passes her exams anyway!
THANKS KIKI. (lol. step die bace. kbye)

but i seriously had ass muscle cramp sitting on that chair from 9.30+am – 1pm -____- pfffts.
but luckily kiki had a book which i read from start to finish. within the hours.
confirm dorang panggil aku fanatic.
but yeah. i like that book. it’s really… hmm. something to be thought over.

hehs. this is the book: Loving Danny by Hilary Freeman.

so after 1pm tuu,
i really did consider going home..
but then, i wanted to eat my nasi ayam thousand island too..
but i was very shy.. cos the kids were having their lunch break.. and there i was all alone.. -___-
not wearing uniform, step attract attention.
so i called up kyn & jerry.
and waited for them.

we ate together. (kyn n me did, anyway)
jerry step diet… (kau pegy dudok tepi longkang main rumpot k jerry. takmo nak step berdiet-ing ngn aku, aku je bley buat gitu)
yeah well.
den after that.. we loitered around school…….. den got bored..
so walk2 around tamp 1.

i am very noob at that mall!
i love it. i love the fab & generous aircon in there..
i love the topshop there *note; shop there!*
yes. i am indeed looking forward to pay.

p0mpan mane tak suke shopping boleh pegy tep0k kelengkang sambil joget folk dance ar. -_-

after the mall,
we lepak bawah kolong block. ((:
i likkkeeeeeeee.
i loooove unfamiliar neighborhoods *muke stimz*

lepak till 8pm den we trained home… ((:

then i sat with sisters at the kopitiam infront of our block..
they had fries without me!
HOW DARE THEY. *stares daggers at myst exile n strange tea*

today alone, j, kyn n me ate alot lar.
prangai budak gemz.
ate at school.. i had potato wedges before meeting them.. den we had subway cookies..and donutz from that very cute store..(nasib tak beli dozen k jerry. aku rase aku buno diri kalau kite mkn byk) and i cant rmbr what else we had. (:
but i enjoyed every bit of the food anyways. so yeah. no guilt there.

*sobs hysterically*
okay no. kidding, i swear. (: im no anorexic lor.

damned tired ar today.
oh and ella already has rebonded her hair! today!
cant wait to see her,
hopefully her high self esteem-ness will pass on to us..
cos without her today, we damn INGUS sak, prangai low self esteem siah!
wtf. -___-

tomorrow is another offday.
i intend to spend it resting.
but lets see whether my feet agrees to staying home.

goodnight baby!

p.s dont wanna get involved.


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