photo time!

0kays! so e whole day i was looking for material to blog about.
so i decided to use the camera. (:

after visitin matrep herwan at sp (thanks for e Zinger!!), i went to meet the witch clan (aka my sisters) at the salon.
myst exile was having her hair cut + highlight..
so i just went.
the hairstylists were totally having fun with her hair.
cos she’s got these extremely bouncy bunch of curls for her hair.
and her highlights compliment her.

i asked her to model for me abit!
here are her shots that i like.

weewits! her hair looks so hollywood classic ar in my opinion.
thats the only way i can describe it.
if you get my drift, good for you! (:
and i know you cant see her highlights, but they’re 3 toned as the hairdresses says.
brown, black n red. so yeah. =D

after the salon,
we went to eat at market coffeeshop..
i like.
ohyeah. and im broke. so cant wait for pay. -__-
then after eating we drank teh.. and strange tea had teh ‘o’. die kan ader abit weird. -_-
totally tak sync. LOL. k kidding.

then we shared stories and gossip bla bla bla.
girlfriends stuff ar. as per normal.

sat there quite long.
we went home also cos i had to pee.
i dont like public toilets if i have a choice.
so at home, we went to camwhore mode.
my suggestion anyway.


shiala. asfa muke nak step vogue. forgive me. but strange tea said muke kene step total camera slut.
and thats a definition. HEHEHEHEH.

EE. crop muke aku. kbye.

happy nampak? asal lah kakak aku sume cute2. aku shtwesh.

ah kbye. aku suke tengok camera.
tmr meeting herwan — confirm he camwhore sorang2.. betol nye camhoarder.

if you missed our kitties! HERES MY BOYFRIEND. =D "Orange".

a bunch of something… orange? ok lame sia asfa. pffts.



and then Strange tea & me tried doing the light painting thing.. ((:

and then here we sign off with a polaroid picture =D:

with love:
L-R: apple, myst exile, strange tea. [ah. we’re stuck with these nick anw. hurrhurr.]

yeah. well i enjoyed it.
tomorrow working 8-2pm. (:
and then after that aku bermerayap.

need to find something to wear. hurrhurrz..

i *hearts* my sisters.. wished ms. manis was around.
nvm, will be meeting her very soon isnt it. LOL.
so okaylah tuu.


have a goodnightz.


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