thoughtful. apple goes cliche.

i may be 17+, childish,prolly blind & not understanding so many things in life.
but i do understand the feeling of loss, love & friendship.
even if i don’t understand the full meaning of them.
just take everything as it flows.
i hope you wouldn’t do this to yourself.. it just makes me feel sad.
theres no reason for that. none at all.

one thing may be a mistake, but it doesnt mean everything is.
you’re hurting yourself.. i never thought it’d hurt me too,
but it did.
it hurts me to see you like this.
i know that out there you’re putting a strong & happy front when deep in you, you’re so miserable.
you’re the kind that would do that.
i may not know you full well, but i know enough to care about you..
please rethink your choice..


sometimes, somebody can be such a brickhead.
but i hope she’ll ponder what was said earlier in the morning.
i hope she won’t shut herself out from listening.
i hope what was said actually got through to her.
because it’s not just about her feelings.
pls let her think why for all these years, she’s been doing this to them, to us. all of us.

so please let her be sensible & to please consider our feelings as well, and not to only focus on our errors.
because it’s not just one-sided sometimes.
we dont clap with one hand, right?

because even if we dont admit it, we do care about her afterall
& we do love her.. and it sure is painful saying so.


all i dropped by, to say is..
in these hard times, somehow, we have to know that everything will flow.
because they will, you know.
in every tunnel, there’s always gonna be a light at the very end. (: cheywah asfa.
we have to always look at the positive side of things. that is very unoriginal advice, but its true.
we have to appreciate all the little things that make us happy.
we cant overlook them, if you’re so used to overlooking them, you should turn the other way round.
because that isn’t sensible.. then what are you supposed to be happy for?
and also because you shouldn’t blanket yourself under sorrows. that is just being selfish to yourself.

because my dear girlfriends and boyfriends,
there’s more to life than what you’re going through.
happiness will always come your way even if it’s in little doses.
so embrace those little things, life doesn’t just go downhill..
it just doesn’t work that way.

so if you’re feeling down, please rethink all the little good things in your life, and focus on what you wanna live for.


wow. i never thought im that deep! ^^
because as superficial and plastic as i am,
i have a heart! and i care alot about friends and family.
even if i never say so.

so today is gonna be the new Infinity POS system going live at borders!
there’s sure gonna be manyyyyy cockups & many angry managers (& pissed off customers)..
goodluck to ALL Borders cashiers and the other staffs that are handling the prodcats & registers.
my turn comes this thursday — doom.

gonna sms aishah tonight asking how it all went.

i went for POS training, but because i am, (many ppl call me stupid or bimbo), i still cant remember what is going on.
just when i was getting better at cashiering with the old system. -_- tsk.

i also wanna share with you my latest material eye candy:

Bandage dresses!
very sexy.

coming pay, im gonna go on a accessory shopping spree.
i really swear i am. =D

and i think i trimmed the right side of my brows wrongly. -_- tsk.
i also wanna invest in sunscreen/sunblocks.

ho hummm.
ok blog later! (:
have a nice day everyone..


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