omg ellaaaaa… and jerry..
have you seen their blog posts?!
their entries are so good to wank to. ok yucks. thats sick.
what i mean is, they’re too sweet, i cant believe myself, my eyes.. and my luck.

I LOVE YOU 3 BABES alot okay..
alot. alot. alot. alot..
i read their entries OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and i cant believe that its my name there..
and theyre talking about me..

after reading so many times,
i felt like going down to 7-11 to get a vibrator cos i am sooooo touched and happy.
aku nak vibrate level 7. kbye.

and today while at work,
dumdum aka adilah smsed me and asked if i was free..cos she wanted to hang out
so i replied im finishing at 2pm.. ^^

i thot she’d forgotten me since she started school..
haha, so i was taken by surprise. was kind of pleased, really.
to be honest. 0k. was very happy. (:

so she met me at the market bustop and went to my house to put my bags and changed.
and then prangai ex die mcm prangai somebody i know. -__-
damn irritating & menyusahkan sanubari kite ar.
so i understand her feelings. LOL.
damn funny ar though. LOL!

den went back to my house and made fun of friendster people..
as always. its a routine ar.
then we went on to terrorize people online..
ahh. same ol’..

very fun lar.
even if it was for a short while. ((:

work was okay i suppose.
after work, lunched with Suhaila for abit, ate at lido.
i had nasi padang thingy.. halal sign sebesar tidak, so i guess thats ok.
tmr closing. sigh* -______________-

wheres BFFs.. why arent they online.. *muke lonely*

p/s: sometimes i dont want to be a part of it. i just want to be happy.

Selena Gomez. aku ade crush kat die arrrr… and i havent recorded the tv show. T_T dammmmnnn..
and thats so raven.. and cory in the house.. and all the others. tsk brardy herll. damn no life ok.


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