got lots to talk about, but..

im tired.

had pizzahut today with wan. & wtf ok.
aku damn prangai budak gemok.
dat meal– was it upsized or what!!!!!!
im gonna watch what i eat now. ):

im gaining cheeks alrd. it sucks.
GFs. i miss you. when are we gonna date again?

ah. i need to reply fb comments.
tmr work 8-2. sigh.
i dislike giftwrapping lar.
oh and i got TeenVogue magazine today!
got Selena Gomez on the cover (the sole reason why i got it, really)! *drools* she’s sooooooooooo pretty in Wizards Of Waverly Place larr…
i cant live without that TV show.. ^^

yes please be surprised.
i watch TV! nahh. only disney channel really.

ok such a random post.

i wanna go running like Ella does. HAHA WTFWTF.

oh and i got maybelline’s Cat Eyes mascara.
i swear i love it lar.
removing it is SO brardy tedious!
i mean the normal mascara i use before this: Volum Express,
i could remove it with cleansing oil damn easy and go sleep ASAp after that..
but this new one, i know its waterproof lar.. but thats such an understatement lar.
i think can wear it without washing for days. -___-

prangai makeupforever nye brand. -__-
ok korang tak paham. orang2 tak paham, gy carik cubicle kat westmall, goncang k. G.O.N.C.A.N.G.
so bye.

p/s: just now at JP, at this records store, they were playing kanye west’s album. and now im listenin to Kanye "Amazing ft Young Jeezy". lagu budak high self esteem sak. wth. Ella & Jerry, this song is for you! =D


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