4 media + long post.

im listening to Pet Shop Boys!
ok kental.
but i likeeee!
you should try listen. very old school.

"Its a Sin" – Pet Shop Boys.

"Where The Streets Have No Name" – Pet Shop Boys. [i like this video, very pop art.]

no pressure ah.
if youre hip and happening and dont wanna feel backwards, pls dont click play.

Presenting to you "What If" by Coldplay. (:

this song really hits the spot for me.
the lyrics are so powerful, i mean the meaning will vary with each individual ar.
but what i learned from this song is,
to not beat around the bush and keep asking What If.
and that we all should "take a breath, jump over the side" =D

cos EVERYONE keeps telling me this: you never know if you don’t try. ARGH.
im gonna apply this advice in each and everything i do now. hmph.
well i’ll try.

and heres another one!
"Square One" -Coldplay.