giler nak semamp0s//malay post.

ella, your suggestion makes my mouth drier, my heart thumps so hard just reading them
i think im gonna have a heart attack,
is this what it feels like to die!?.
what the fuck ar okay.
thats crazy siolz.
how are we even friends?! haha. nola jk.
i love you.
but youre crazy man.
youre crazy crazy crazy.

i will consider it, let me gather up balls.

Today’s post!
HELLO ladies and germs.
aku mcm dah lame tak berblogging,
so here i am!
aku prangai no lifer and hence am gonna talk aboooooout: none other than!! WORK.

sebelum i carry on lah kan::.
nari i prangai minah nak berborak dalam bahasa melayu lah yer.
so maaf-kanlah i jikalau sesiape tak paham bahase i.
u boley terjun tingkap daripada tingkat 20.
i tak sabar sebab besok pergy picnic dengan buddies and kaum kerabat sekolah ella.
mlm nie confirm i excited sampai i tido tergoncang ar k.

anyway kan,
aku work dekat csc, si bap0k tuu asek stare2 sama gua ar.
aku mcm nak ckp ngn dier : "kau pergy mati pegang pepek ar".
aku nak take calls pun tak stim h0kays.
die goodruck ar. rogol diri sendiri.
i think she thinks that our lie is true. thats why.
aku tak kesah! aku suro die lapdance untuk kau biar kau mati tercuak ar k gal!

apart from that, i dont think i had any issues with working.
theres another gay, (i dunno where im going wrong, but am i attracting more gays than actual guys?)
i swear i have no problems with gays! O_O *arms up in surrender*
but uhh~ i know many ppl have been accusing me of being lesbian or a butch OR a homo.
but i really am straight hor. 0kay.

pffft *rolls eyes* just cos im loud and boistrous doesnt mean im not straight.
i personally think being loud is very "in".
ladylike is out.
pffft. BORING.
i mean, kau imagine kau in a relationship with a girl yang asek diam je,
can u imagine their only conversation staples?

"dah makan?"
and her reply would be???:
*nods head*
HAAAAA! *slaps thighs laughing*

okay fine. im just biased. shut up.

OKAY, back to topic,
so this 2nd gay ehh boys and girls,
he exchanged numbers with me (aku ingatkan innocent colleague thing),
but i think he’s trying to sell me stuffs. -__-

damn sick of saying the word "No" laaaarr. sialla.
grow a dick can -___- and he/she says

"your hair is very black uh! i think you should colour it.."

*muke low self esteem & pulls pubic hair*
i did consider colouring my hair lor!, but after you said that i think imma stick to natural brack corour.

he works in a salon by the way.
i dunno what is up uh.
but many people are acting the way they shouldnt right now.
i’d rather he/she leave me alone.
i havent been replying to he/she’s sms-es.
i hope whatever thats making them act that way, will stop like soon-ish.

i mean hello? you dunno whos real and whos not anymore, scary eyy.
or maybe im just distrustful. =D
which i think is better.

eeeee! im so excited for tomorrow.
gonna bring the camera along. =D
so better charge it.

imma look for songs now.

thats a very old pic when i had photoshoot with Strange Tea, jus a demo kind of thing uhh.. i think i looked fat. ): and the right is the latest pic, think i look kinda different.
anyway, still contemplating whether i should wear falsies tmr, maybe not cos i’ll be working after.
should i bring umbrella then.. hmm.. decisions.. decisions.


wonder what dino wants. he called me, is he coming tmr too ella?
0k. will call him back then. -___-
ok i called n he said he’s coming late,
dino kau konek ar. (can u believe it die panggil aku bopleh b4 that. biadap nak mamp0s! HAHA BUT FUNNY SIAA.)
itularr sistersss akuuu. *muke proud*
die ade soccer sbl0m tuu, prangai budak secondary school punye semangat. -___-

i dun get it about soccer and never will i get it i think.

abang hilmi going NS on july..
sigh* tak dapat bertemu banyak2 la nampknye kan gurfrens!
we all gonna miss kau nye feminine-ness 0kays.
kite better hang out many2 ar skrg kan.

ok. tu je.


3 thoughts on “giler nak semamp0s//malay post.

  1. sheebye-ness. kau panggil orang handicap sebab tak update, kau pong same! lu isap ah geng!!!

    with love, J.

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