mul0t mcm sape ar kwn kau ella? gue luper.. was it haikal? or.. ho hum.

muke senonoh si0lzz.. jerry gigi cannot make it.. *snorts*, kyn lost.. ella! kite suro buat lain, dorang buat lain! how can tis be?!

sasha grey our big sistas! ella n kyn mcm biase, tak reti bahase. ella muke kau klaka si0lzzz. aku suke ni gmbr.. nak crop muke kau letak as display pic dekat facebook aku. mamp0s ar kau.

BIADAP AR KAN SESAPE AMEK NI. but i quite like it.

we tried to act cute, but we failed… KYN TAU ACT CUTE MEMANG! WOOHOO. work it girl! =p jerry, muke kau kupang ar.

aww. sweet eh?

sorry. sequence mode uh. thats why.

dah penat ketawe, senyum je.

ella muke constipation.

kyn muke sotong kurita.

jerry muke retard. =p ktawe kau pun mcm same. HAHA. nola. just kidding 0k!

ella n kyn tersenyum. actually kite sume muke tersenyuman manis.

chey cheyy.. perfect! thats it babeh! zzzz.


OI KYN. kite sume blowkiss 0kay! what are u doing!?

cute nye kyn.. ^^

asfa muke bowink! ella tangan ter-stress skejap!

ELLA!! *hysterical laughing* SIAALAAAA. muke goncang si0lzzzz..

yesterday jerry & me w0rked closing shift..
so we met up kyn & ella before w0rk..
at erm. cityhall?

of all the places!
but we havent been to marina since afew decades..

and kyn said im growing smaller. ): really?!
maybe cos kau da lame tak nampak aku tak??

we went to buy old chang kee and 2 big gulps.. =D
and then we ate.
while walking.
talk and talk.
den went to second floor, took a spot..
mcm buat rumah sendiri, sampai hairdresser suro kite diam sebab aku ktawe mcm kambeng.

actually hilmi was supposed to meet us too.
but nobody told him the plans.
so sorry uh girlfriendz.

afew hours of hanging out wasnt enough.
so lets meet soon.
OH. and we must organize another picnic prease! ^^

we went our separate ways by 4+..
since i still got lots of time, i dropped at somerset,
and while i walked past wisma, there were 2 youngsters doing some survey thingy
about the air in singapore..

my answer was.. "hmm.. around town it’s poor"
HAHA. truest word i’ve ever spoken in my opinion.
i mean i dont have the same problems at.. say.. west coast park.. *shifty eyes*..

but whatever..
while i wrote my particulars they were like
"omg! i love your hair!"

*pats hair*

omg, really??? *blush deeply*

and she didnt believe i was malay *blush even deeper*
she thought i eurasian you! i kembang tak terkuncup balek.

okay whatever. *whispers; thank you!*

i got a customer who praised my hair too..
ahh, being cashier sure has its perks..
and some customers who flirt.. -___-
some customers who stare..
some keling-kia customers yang macam bercibai nak new this and new that, pergy carik ar bodow.
aku da cakap no stock, no stock ar.
i prefer the youngster customers somehow. O_O
so youngsters, come shop at borders okay.

so yea.
met sister and entered the bldg with her..
actually i dunno what to blog about ar.

i’ve lost my blogging creativity.

tonite im w0rking crosing shift again..
till 11 though.
work until 12 not bad uh, cos they provide cabs.. ^^
but thats only on fridays and saturdays.

i do have something to say!
currently Paperchase is having this Spacers series collection..
and theyre very very very cute characters!

i find the notebook fucking cute.
but you should really check out their 2009/2010 diaries..
theres this purple one im obsessed about..
and the Owl collection is extremely cute too..
i like that series.. they got the cutest bowling bag, wrapping papers and colour pencils etc..

i wanna go shopping.
i can buy the whole section.
ahh. i really do like working within a place with sooo many cute things..

and of course i been pending my book again. ):

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