Here i am!

alrite. i’ve got lots to talk about.
so many things have happened and i havent been blogging,
so sorry. i love blogging.
but i may not have as much freetime as i used to..

good news though my BUDDIES: ella, jerry, kyn, hilmz, n the diva ryan is applicable too ofcourse. I AM FREE ON THIS COMING FRIDAY — GOOD FRIDAY. lets catch a movie! or.. lets hang out! *jumps around* =DD get back to me alrite.

so.. i owe you pictures on last wednesday april 11th.
met up kyn n waited for dinah to finish w0rk..

at dinah’s w0rkplace; ELC!~ so many toys! i like!

and den dinah taught me how to play taiti/taidi [however u spell it]

these are the pictures.. (ohgod. it feels so bloody good to actually be blogging! I MISSED TYPING SO MUCH.)

and then on the thursday april 2: had a goddamned awesome picnic at macritchie park with the pals..

we went to toa payoh interchange’s NTUC to go GROCERY SHOPPING! well, no, not really.
we shopped for foodstuffs basically =D

cb ar. kau kalau enlarge this picture, u can see that tiga2 muke tak senonok sak!

these pictures are us in the bus otw to macritchieeee. =D
the people who attended our mini picnic party are as follows:
Ryan. [little mister diva wasnt there, SEBAB DIE PRANGAI PIGLET TIDO PAT RUMAH, WTH?! gua binget arr. kite sume miss die sak, bey die tak miss kite. HOW COULD YOU…..kau gy golek dlm tanah 50kali baru bebual ngn aku ar k minah!]

the people who went were a bunch of fun little souls whom im comfortable with teasing. ^^
well — hilmi got it the most.
bcos he is more ladylike than me. HAAA. nola jk. =p
i know he can stand my mean jokes. ^^ right girlfriend??

you can get the full account of our day at ella‘s blog: Friday, April 3 09 entry.
cos im gettin abit sidetracked..

i loooooorrrrvvveeeeeeee Jerry’s wonderful sandwiches (which i kept thinking about the next day).

the monkey(s) that stole our snack…

senyuman step manis ar ni erwin… hahaha n0la2.

fazir muke cramp sentiase.. he very the quiet. no heart to tease.

girls who sm0ke cannot give birth, klah klah hilmz, just kidding.. kau sentiase goodfren kite eh! n sentiase feminine. u go girl! KLAH. stop it asfa. -__- just kidding hilmehh..

-end of my camera series-

now onto hilmi’s camera — where the more awes0me pictures reside:

in the bus on the waaaaay..

in the bus busy you know..

he likes to pluck white hairs. -__- kns.

aku slalu camera ready! yay!

aku tengah bebual abey muke hilmi ngant0k. nabey. hahahahaahha

fazir feeling2 band boy skejapz..

cheywah shikin.. woots!


cute nyeee

me & Ella’s sexy double choc chip cookies.. yes i hogged the bottle, so?
i wanna make a fanclub for these cookies, THEYRE FREAKIN NICE. ella..
nak laaaagiii…

aku all the way prangai piglet asek makan jek. -__- i think i gained weight again.

YOU SEE?! ALMOST ALL THE SHOTS I AM  EATING. wtf laaa. but the food that day tasted damn good lor..
must be the company that made my appetite good..
aww. im so sweet. ^^


oh yay!
finally. i owe u no other pictures.

oh wait. here’s one more.
since i am damn noob and excited to be part of the family..


your newest noobie.

working tmr morning n csc at night.. urgh.. gonna be tired..
ohyes, incase you didnt knw.. im handling 2jobs.. i will survive. =p


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