ok. im gonna blog properly today.
first im gonna load pix of the Live N Loaded trip.

i gotta say we were late ar on that day ehh bros and sistas!
met jerry, chacha, hilmi & ryan at toa payoh.
itu minahrep Ryan memang prangai diva sak lambat.

oh did i mention, i lo0k damn tak patot la on that day.
muke tak mandi -____- ergh. disgusting.
but nvm.

pictures first. talk later.

with kyn, chacha & hilmi.


with jerry & kyn.

the DJ.

i better tell you b4 i forget. i thot that this week’s episode was crap. ok? S.U.C.K.E.D.
in my opinion ar, its no one else’s.

jerry, chacha & kyn.

the host & me. siala. muke aku ghairah pe sak. -__-

after the show, we went to Cheers n bought foodstuffs.
den sat in the middle of a carpark nearby and ate our stuffs and talked.
den somebody suggested going exploring.

i think they were looking at me, talking? or am i just perasaan? LOOLLLL.

this girl here, is very feminine. oops. sorry, boy i mean. HA! mamp0s ar kau hilmi.

oh great! i love group photos. ^^


at macritchie park! =D we gonna have a picnic there next thursday if im not wrong?

its sucha romantic place by night lor…
so pretty.

and time going home,
took bus h0me, jerry, chacha & hilmi separated from kyn, ryan & me cos we live where right.
all from all over the place.

kyn, ryan n me crossed over to e next bustop.
and we missed 2 buses STRAIGHT.
sedey kepe sak.
cos we were not payin attention!

kyn n me’s bus: 165 came..
and we NEARLY missed it (last bus babes!), if not for us jumping, waving & runnin at it.. it stopped.
(& ryan was laughing loudly at us. mcm basket kan die tu)
so nice of the driver. should send him flowers. but he knows who he is i suppose.

but the bus damn slow lah.
luckily its not long journey.
about 20minutes ride?

den at clementi bustop,
got this old & skinny-tak tau malu-cabaret,blue singlet wearing orang tua,
approached us.. cos kyn played music thru loudspeaker..
and we were dancing along..
den he stood infront of us.

old man: "your song.. very nice.. u wanna listen to  mine?"
kyn: "………" *speechless n stricken*
me: "um…"

*music plays*

man: *looks expectantly*
me: "oh! the scorpions?" (siala. lagu classic kepe sak, which isnt bad, but STILL. what is he tryin to prove?)
man: "yes…"

freaking out-of-his mind.
maybe he was on drugs, cos we didnt smell any alcohol.. =/
whatever it is. he sp0ke slowly — almost slurry..

man: "ok.. now lets stop the music.. we talk ok.. where r you from?"
kyn: "singapore."
man: "really? r u sure?"
me: "pfffts. YAH. " (siala. die nak ckp ape skrg! muke kite bangla pe sak!)
man: "really..? you are singaporeans?"

cb ar. ini pakcik mintak kene cekik daripada blkg dengan tuala basah sak.

man: "you know where im from?"
kyn & me: "……………………." *blank expressions*
man: "im from.. iran.."
me: "really?"
man: "yes.."

ok ar. come to think of it, why did i even layan him.
but it seemed good blogging material ar.
i dunno what faults we have to attract this kind of people,
but the point is, we do ar somehow.

so yups.

kyn all the while was looking for the bus (muke frantic), and aku kept on talking. -__-
finally 78 came..
and both kyn n me jumped up
"oh! the bus!"

man: "ok.. can i. have your numbers..?" (cb ar. kalah matrep sak)
me: "oh. i dont have handph0ne.. she has though" *looks pointedly at kyn* HAAHAH ok abit biadap ar eh! but i didnt noe what else to say! sorry kyn!

den i quickly rush up the bus…
kyn had to handle him.. LOL!!
dunno what he said to kyn. but uhh, it was definitely an experience ar.

so yeah. that was how i spent my tuesday — offday

gonna blog again tomorrow yeah. need to share wif you something.
dont have time now.
cos i need to sleep.

p/s: i want want want want want to watch a movie. im going backwards sak. wtf. PLS WATCH A MOVIE WIF ME. anyone? strange tea didnt want to. she said it was either she buy the magazines (which i always read), or a movie. so i chose magazines. -__-

what a meanie.
tomorrow is Earth Hour.
what a cool thing! ^^

pp/s: and OHGOD. i really2 need my fix of warm chocolate cake from coffeebean. ):

HAHAHA. READ kyn’s tagboard.. LOL! ella biadap saaak:

28 Mar 09, 01:50

asfa: so sambil tunggu bus — ajak berborak ar babes.

28 Mar 09, 01:50

asfa: eh mengumpat!!! abey kalau aku tak layan itu org tua, kite kene run sey. aku mls nak lari.

28 Mar 09, 01:18

to Ella: hahahaha asfa very the peramah you know . dgn uncle mcm gitu pn leh make friend . so sweet LOL.

27 Mar 09, 18:19

Ella: tawu2 je asfa nan apek tu dah maen chess same2

27 Mar 09, 18:19

Ella: asfa kan mmg gitu. peramah tk ikot tempat. dgn apek pon dier boleh ajak bebual.

HAHA! FUNNY! read from bottom to up by the way.


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