im glad that china actually have some humane residents afterall.
apart from their greed to try n cook every single living thing on earth ever
(dont you know, they eat anything that moved 1/2hr ago),

a small select number of them actually have a heart,
kudos to them.. and alot of thanks for doing what you do.

i’d like to present to you:
People 4 Chinese Animals.

i wont hide the fact that im actually deeply impressed, relieved and uhh~
thankful most like. (:
i wish this group the best.

p/s: read their articles about the saving the cats in china from being carted off to be sold in a FRUIT MARKET. wtf yes, fruit market. i cant remember the link, but i think you can roam yourself around there.. no? ohwell. google lor.
well ok i tell you what happened, they saved 2 trucks from being carted off, in those 2 trucks are 1450 cats.. which they saved and provided emergency aid for. amazing ey.

*round of applause*
i’d send flowers to those people who made it happen.
but they know who they are. ^^

okay anyway,
will upload pics and stuff about yesterday’s live n loaded thingy yeahh..
like soon.
cos i gotta get ready for work now!


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