err.. applestarz?

finally i could get in to my twitter account (it has been decades..)
so yeah. maybe will use it for mini blogging or something?
HAHA. i am not sure as to why i need it,
but i have no heart to delete it (and believe me, i can be very heartless when deleting stuffs..)

so yup.
i changed my username to applestarz. shutup.
i really didnt want the "Z" at the end,
but apparently applestar has been taken.
and when i checked who is it (i know, what the hell?since when am i so petty)
the person protects his/her updates so its kinda like, private..


what a shame for my screen name.

so anyway,
theres some wedding thingy going on under our void deck…
and yesternight, they were karaoke-ing till like 10+ to 11pm?
and their voices!!
if it wasnt for me listening to music,
i would’ve had bleeding ears or something…

i think i would have bled everywhere. -___-
what are u thinking? LOL.
wtf sak..

tmr am w0rking.. ^^
kinda excited and not excited.
vod says she wants to join too, so i may be dragging her there tomorrow..
im excited c0s.. (i dunno why.)
not excited cos i just gotten comfortable slacking at h0me.
so yaaa..

and i also am trying to avoid..
TRYING TO avoid eating much more meat ah now.
haiz. these stories about animal cruelties while being slaughtered are slowly killing my appetite..
even though chicken is my favourite favourite favourite meat..
its time i slowly let go.. ):
i dont wanna turn out to be brainless and barbaric and inhumane by eating unhappy animals’ meat u noe.
they affect our actions..
if only you did more research on how the slaughterings are done.. (u would never feel the same way again)
and milk too — do u have any inkling how they treat the cows?

i mean, its not that im turning vegetarian or something lah (that wont happen so soon considering i looooove meat),
but the thing is, i just wanna be careful of what i eat now.
im starting to develop a conscience.. ):

oh and,
i really2 wish i could do something for animals,
you know, something with impact..
oh maybe in the future.
still need to think about this lah i guess.

yeah anyway.
dunno what should i wear to work tomorrow.. *muke bimbo*

guess dats all all.
for now anyway. (:

p/s: i wanna do nail extensions! but maintenance will be costly. -_- should i just content myself with fake acrylic then? =/ ahhh.
so many stuff to think about. ^^


its a awesome book — i swear! i wanna be a necromancer too. =P

nec – ro – man – cy

1. a method of divination through alleged communication with the dead; black art.
2. magic in general, esp. that practiced by a witch or sorcerer; sorcery; witchcraft; conjuration.

ahha! cool kan!! alamak,
stwess arrr gini, main basketball jap ah.


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