so i came across this cute dude of a singer called Mika,

i love this song the best: "Relax".
and i watched his live on youtube and i think he is AWESOME.
his voice has this 80s quality that i really like. (i love any music in the 80s/90s, dey make the best sounds..)
and he sounds the same live or not, which i absolutely loveeeee.
and ofcos he’s cute, right? AGREE WITH ME OR DIE.

he kind of reminds me of chris martin somehow..

i wiki-ed him up, mika i mean,
and he may be gay.
but who gives a fuck!
he’s a good musician!

am listening to his whole album in afew hrs time. ^^
BT is still processing. lol.

so yeah.
i wanna load up these pichurs that we took to live n loaded (which was AGEEEESSSS AGOOOO).. that i never got the chance to display here..
so here goes..
you can click to biggify it..

muke budak kental sak.

dunno why i smiled like dat O_O which reminds me, where did i put those snowflake earrings i was wearing here.. -__- urgh.
i cant remember..

i hate flash.

dunno whose friends are these… i mean, im not sure.. (didnt mean to sound mean.)

so yeaaah.

next up:
historical pictures of me.

haah nolah.
just kidding.



One thought on “

  1. HA-SI-NA

    Mika’s voice is sexayy!
    Ey cool larh you went live&loaded!!!!!!
    & i saw 1 of our childhood friend jus now.
    *Roll puppy eyes*

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