Hello, March

aww! i find these so cute!
okay lookie here,
i may love to look at childrens clothes (especially little girls ones)
but i might as well tell you the truth, right?

i am not fond of children.
i dont dislike them, but neither do i like them.
i just dunno how to react around them.
i dunno how to handle them.
i suck like that.
BUT. i do know what cute is.
and when a baby is cute, i know okay?
im not that blind.

maybe its cos im the last child and the brattiest sister?
okay whatever.

the problem is,
i handle cats better than kids.
if i get married, i think i’ll just adopt kitties.
kan senang. no whinings and i can sleep at night..
i got a feeling i will change my mind about this in the future,
something along the lines of.. "i’ll have kids AND cats!"
the guy who marries me is so gonna die early man. choi. touchwood.

here they are the cute stuffs!:

you can enlarge it to see my wonderful choices.. ^^
they are so cute i want to die…

and yesterday,
work, miss sales exec bought for me donut.. ^^ so sweet of her..

i been trying to find lj layout and themes..
but none took my fancy. ): like i’d go
"ohmygod!! i need that! IM SO HAPPY!".
no.. i didnt go like that.. =/
its very weird..

and just now i scolded Orange the boycat for scratching on sisters’ wooden rack,
he stared hard at me, jumped down and yelled.
ok. no. not yell, he meowed loudly, prolly calling me a ninny and a nag.-___-

tsk. den he walked away from me.

this is him:
hes the only orange one in the family anyway.
goodlooking hor?
no. i must be angry at him cos he nvr listen to me.
but look at those eyes… *melts* NO ASFA. stoppit.

tuesday theyre all prolly going live n loaded.
i wont go..
must have self control..
not going bcos i need to complete my hours.. so can leave faster..

im thinking of  locking all my posts
i know i know.. i keep saying this.
i also dunno why i wanna private.. kirekan trend arr..

and someone commented: "intro pls tks (:"
*froths at mouth*
no hi, no nothing.. aku got no time lerrr.
alamak bowink la gini… somehow or other, i got irritated.. yes. sue me.

and im just bored lah.
so bye.


5 thoughts on “Hello, March

    1. Re: Hahasina

      haha! its from lj itself lerr. i couldnt find anything i liked thats simple sia from outside sources.. so i just use this theme je lah. mls lah nak carik! HA! THANKS HAS =D

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