cecilia. my brand new girlfriend.

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yes i know i said im away.
i need the net. -_-

you know.
just when things are gonna end,
i have a feeling im so gonna bloodyhell miss the company people after im gone for good.
carol from the interior designs dept.. mr thomas (int. design boss).. mr boss…
mrs boss (whose the nicest boss there is, she sometimes mothers me about)..
the sales exec whom i used to dislike cos she smirks so much.. but she’s nice afterall (only revealed this week..)..
the trainer (thou she works for mondays and tuesdays only.. but shes entertaining n funny.
i love people who dare make a fool of themselves and joke.)

Sneha, the funny and kind person who taught me her stuff (she’s my trainer, so im like..
kinda attached to her.. come to think of it, i get attached to people quickly la.
bloodyhell. i wish i wasnt like that.. it makes leaving such a pain..gonna miss her the most i think.
she kept me under her wing at all times lah. so its really nice. when im going off,
she’ll be going back to her country too — to give birth. so yeah. )

after Sneha, i’d miss Sandy, the design dept secretary.. i love straightforward people.. =D
so im very fond of her.
she always buys biscuits (cos i always finish up the biscuits, abey aku hungry sey. what u wan me to do..)
and her choices never fail to delight me.. ^^
so yeah..

and then.. hmm. aiyah. the whole office lah im gonna misss.
cerita nak panjang2 pulak. -___-

i have been offered to continue working there..
i dont think im the office type.
i can focus ar.
no way.
office work sucks.

and they have no windows of course. did i ever tell u that?
i did, didnt i?
thats why i love running errands for the staff.
like going to the bank..
buy snacks.. hmm… what else..
go shop buy supplies etc. (yes. prangai amah indonesia.. but what to do.. i need to breath man..)

recently been busy in the office (can stay there from 10am – 7pm siaaa) cos im like set on completing the stuffs ASAP.
i am damn kanchiong i tell you!
im panicking! theres so many things to do..
and chatting with ella jerry and kyn today was good lah.
finally got to catch up.

never realized how much i missed them!
i sure missed alot of their happenings and err… "scene"!
but we’ll meet soon, right?
(i feel so damn sad for myself. freaking no life, can? and i am NOT a workaholic k nabEyLLA)

i thought i wanted to make this a short post.
but you know,
i can never do a short post.
i will always continue talking.
cos nobody would listen to me talk.
i can talk the whole day.
so thats why i have a blog i guess. -_- cos i talk so much.
you know. all those suppressed feelings are unhealthy kan (so i read somewhere), so i talk here lah.
you have no choice but to read it.
*evil laugh*

today miss sales exec treated me lunch!
(yes. what can i say kan, people are being so kind to me nowadays.. smlm treated, today treated.. how bout tmr?)
we had the loveliest chicken rice ever and fried wantan. somewhere round bugis.
and she showed me all the treasured foodcourts and cheap2 kopitiams
where i can get excellent food, complete with loud apeks.
(tsk. got advantages, got disadvantages lah kan.)
theyre all hidden among those nooks and crannies of bugis (i never travel round there. now i am tho! yer aku kental)

today i ate alot lah bloodyhell.
im back to my bimbo self *flicks hair*
i gained 3kg,
you know right?
maybe 1kg extra now.
hmm. i l0st 2kg for only 2 days. -__- (maybe the machine spoilt? or.. i need glasses.. its either one..)

whatever it is. i am obsessed abt losing weight lah.
skeemaks. -__- but i cant stop thinking about food..

oh and did i tell you im obsessed with paper? (i can write on anyting if u allow me to)
yes i am. stationaries lah basically.
i got myself color pencils!
and im thinking i want watercolors too..
you see.. im decorating my wardrobe.. and i thought of doing some stencil stuff..
i’ll have quite abit of time after attachment right?

still need to think thru lah.
hmm. *rubs chin*

and today overtimed maha gilerrrr…
we finished about 8.30! (suppose to finish at 7 what.)
(yes i know. i so like to skip2 thru my stories)
we had to help miss sales exec do her 300+ brochures to mail out to clients..
(all the printing, various cuttings, pasting, stamping etc..)
so damn tired..
i am never gonna hold a pen knife again after my attachments.
im sick of cutting thingggggsssssss..
i can practically open my own company specializing in that.. — cutting things..

and tomorrow.. yet agaaaaain..
TSK. fark lah.
penat si0lz.

sunday im gonna slack myself off.

ahh.. so many plans..
so little energy..


p/s: asfa makin tak snonohhhhh… pagi2 tak sikat rambot. siala. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MEEEEEE. uglier day by day. ): eurgh. i need a makeover lerrrrrr. tsk.
(this is what u call beauty thep? *snorts* nasib da nak grad.) ohyeah. talk about grad,
gotta do presentation about the attachment -___- and i dont even have a powerpoint.. and yes.. i dunno how to use powerpoint much…. tsk! cos i dont have the software right, pandai. anybody can lend me their hand ^^ pleaaaase.)


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