stuck in the 90s. (another rambling post; u may skip urself this torture)

Lazy by Suede.

im sorry!
i really cant stop myself from going all Suedeeeeee (i’ve just been thru their discography.. its okay2. some nice songs =D)
u gotta watch this video!
i HABSIOLUTELY loveeeee the part Brett and Neil’s mirrorplay..
i cant decide whom i like best..
hmm. well.
i think i can sum up abit.
i love Brett. i really2 like Neil.. and i worship Suede.

their in their 30s and 40s now.

Neil look so young and healthy here…
and Brett, dont even talk about it.
he can peep me in the bathroom anytime.
no im kidding. i think. -___-

i spent my whole day youtubing Suede. ((:

i gotta say that when Neil joined in 1996,
the band’s albums were awesome (Head Music & Coming Up). he gave it a touch somehow..

and then there was this particular video..
they were performing live in Virgin Megastore ’96..
Brett sounding as awesome as he is in albums, and at precisely 3:20seconds,
he looked at the camera, and i had breathing fits. i think i nearly fainted,
sprawled on the floor, laughing with wonder and joy when i woke up and had to drink 2 gallons of water to calm self down. ok i lie. but if i had a choice..
hmm. if you wanna see it:

Beautiful Ones by Suede.

Brett hit all the notes! he sounds the same doesnt hee *beams*,
and it doesnt hurt they look absolutely yummy in black.
but i must remember theyre older now. but again — who cares!
and i think that Neil’s backup "lalala" is soooo adorable — generally.
ok now i know what its like to be a fan.
you get absolutely obsessed. (the only time i remembered being as obsessed as this was during sec 1 and sec 2; over Linkin Park.)

i know.. i know.. i really should move on..
and then i researched up on what the other members are doing now after their split,
theyre doing pretty well, so i can rest in peace now..
though there arent much news on Neil. -___-
but he’s been on a tour with Natalie Imbruglia (dunno who’s she, im jus name dropping.) as the keyboardist..
and much lesser news on Richard (NIL, zip! zilch! NADAAA news.. NOTHING WHATSOEVER)

it’d be wonderful if they came back together..
but i dont think it will ever happen, considering its already coming to 6years..
Simon the drummer is in another band,
Brett the vocalist is going solo,
Richard the most most most kick-ass guitarist i’ve ever heard so far — has no news. (hopefully he’s just sitting low at the moment and planning something new & big.. but he’s too talented not to be in music..)
and Mat the bassist is in a band and an editor of an online magazine.
and sigh* Neil.. is being low-key. -_-

oh. and of course i found alot of people who cant get over them.
it isnt just me.. ^^
people my age too.
surprise surprise..
but theyre all over UK and stuff, overseas to be precise. -_-

whatever it is..
i hope theyre happy doing what theyre doing and being where they are now..
theyll have my fullest umm.. support.

and i dont know why all these people are even comparing Oasis and Radiohead with Suede..
theyre all so different in sound,
and come on lah, please ehh
Suede is more original..
Oasis doesnt even deserve to be mentioned in one sentence with Suede! (such royalty!!)
am i going too far? =/
[this comes from an obviously biased fan. so excuse me.]

need i even argue to people?
they say Neil looks like a girl.
no he doesnt.
he is absolutely beautiful..
maybe he does act a bit queery on live shows..
but thats because he’s too refined and sophisticated.
normally i dislike pretty boys, but for him i give an exception. ^^

so kbye.

p/s: things will happen as they will, no? "everything will flow" as Suede says. (gawd. i live by that now. kill me someone.)

pp/s: the only ones keeping on my toes and properly alive, dear dearest Coldplay.

i am damn sick today.


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