ryan. oh u noe what. the other day i trimmed my fringe, then i ter-cut my eyebrows too. -__- so now my right eyebrows very thin and the left one is — thank god, normal.

wahlaowei. i dunno him. retarded giler kan. x)
haha. jk lah minah.

sat at youth park ytd. *cough*.
like i said. i thot there was gonna be a gig right.
i dont lepak there anyway. very the not me.
banyak budak cool. so i feel intimidated. HAHA. wtf sak asfa.

i love sitting at coffeebean.
not that you asked -__-
but anywhere is fine with me. (:
so long as im with great company.

i very the tired today.
dumdum and vod came over jus now. (:
haha. was good to see them..
i think imma go buy bubbletea now.


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