happy v day!
yes. i dont celebrate it.
im now at the office btw.
completing some computer work.

the words containing words like:
cetanol laa..
Tocopheryl Acetate la..
and the web is freaking useless right now.

im like googling everywhere and still cant find the answers.
(must find meaning ar babes)

gua sedang stress nie.

AND THE other computer right now is being a blardy bastard with me.
its hanging and hanging lar wtf.
i so need to print things out.
(yes. im alone in the office. waiting for colleague to come.. -__-)

thank god can listen music la.
if not i think i’ll be yelling myself and dancing the conga in the middle of the office la..

ofcourse right now the computer’s fine and i cant seem to find the files needed to print out kan..
youre doing very well asfa..
very well indeed. -___-

cb larrr.
my face damn cramp ok right now.
to think people are enjoying themselves when im slaving away here.
why am i like tis. -___-
go on and enjoy urselves k people.

panic…. panicky…. panicking..
what do i do.. what do i do!
shit larr………………..

*breathes heavily*
and ofcos i still have to make up my mind who to follow out today.
kyn n her happypills or..
abang hilmi n ryan to scape. -___-
seebee. i hate doing decisions.


i tink will blog later.
i need to share some care2 news!

pray for me eh.

harap i dont bang my head on the keyboards in exasperation.


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