this is so beautiful,
i so wanna cry (cos its soo sweet). but cannot lah.
sister beside. -___- emosi aku terganggu sekejaps.
haha. nola kidding. but it is very very very sweet.

you wanna know more about them?
visit their site at

its about this team/person who goes all around the world,
recording street musicians, asking them to sing the same music
and then this dude/team will dub the video and make it into one.
its wonderful! i love it..

this particular video really gets the message across man.
*wipes away tears from face*

while im at it.
i thought i would like to show you a video mystexile made for her filmmaking class:

i thought it was so beautifully made.. ^^
yea. those are all our kitties.
hope she doesnt mind me posting this up. haha.
i really2 like it. ^^


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