its either u understand, or you dont.

lepas satu, satu sak.
aku busy. aku penat.
kau get over urself boley tak?
if u cant be more understanding,
i dunno what this friendship is for, my dear happymeals and all the other friends who’re accusing me of being insensitive and self centered (in my opinion).
who is the self centered one, now?

i dont have the time like i used to.
kau get it or not?
kau ingat aku suke2 per nak cancel on korang and all?
kau fikir aku suke eh buat keje gini?

stop accusing me of avoidin you lah for fuck’s sake.
because i am not.
am i even supposed to?

you have no idea how friggin tired i am.
working every single day. i dont even have time for myself.
i just have no energy to handle all your emotional crap.
if you feel that you wanna start talking to me again,
feel free. bcause i dont think im at fault.

if you’re gonna cold shoulder me, then its fine with me too.
i dont wanna give a single fuck about it because that shows you are so self centered, you dont give a single fuck about my feelings at all.

i am sick of saying sorry.
because i am not.
it’s non of my freaking business how you take it.
im just sorry i dont have the time any more.
but is it any of my fault? no.

p/s: maybe i should lock myself up ey? because apparently people are all saying im an unworthy friend, isnt it.


5 thoughts on “its either u understand, or you dont.

  1. asfa.. releks ahk! haha.. aku tak buli kauu pun.. kalau aku ngan shidah buli kau kiter sorri ehk.. setahu aku tak ar.. soo yea.. n plus kiter org understand your work schedule. plus your attachment place is soo freaking far la. that’s y me n shidah met you at bugis. haaa. for your sakes. sweeeettt kan.. so it’s ok ok.. =)

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