Sarah Palin — the brainless barbarian.

sorry for the crude words, but with me, i donno how to be polite.
and this is supposed to go to my multiply site, but it’s currently down, so u have no choice but to read this here at MY LJ.
so you must be wondering who this Sarah Palin character is.
let me introduce you to her then.

Sarah Palin, Alaska’s governor. (how the hell can ANY sicko become a governor??????)

now let me tell you whats MY problem with HER.
not that its of any importance, but this woman is most definitely sick in the head.
she is a freaking psychopath she needs to fucking die.

i received emails after emails about this bitch here.
most of them emails from Care2 and the animal rescue sites like Defenders Organization.
incase you didnt know, i am this geek who is an online activist.
and i am very serious when i sign petitions after petitions,
because i am compassionate and i CARE.

so enough about me.
lets talk about this woman.
This woman here, is a freaking murderer.
she promotes Aerial Hunting the wolves.
if you don’t understand what those 2 simple words mean (i had difficulties too, to be honest, really.)
they mean, shooting alaskan wolves while on air (in helicopters n such).

through this stupid program, it has killed over 800 wolves.
what the fuck is she thinking?!
was she born with no brains or something??
or are her glasses degrees too high and she’s going blind????

why is she doing this. what.a.bitch.

if you wanna save yourself from reading my rambling, do watch the video, and feel free to send a message to this Alaskan governor Sarah Palin  urging her to end the state’s unfounded aerial hunting program immediately.
(its just filling in ur names kinda thing. nothing much and not too time consuming, pretty please? =D)

and if you could throw in some donation to help the Defenders or Wildlife,
im sure they’d be very grateful.
(i mean, i cant. so the least i can do is to promote it, right?)

and i cannot even bring myself to tell you about what she’s counter-attacking. -____-
you can read it here if you want of course. (i doubt you would though.)
[even if what she says its true, i dont think its any excuse to slaughter the wolves in such an inhumane way.]

and whats outrageous is here to come:
-she proposed that she’ll pay a $150 reward for every left foreleg of the dead wolves. (how could i not call he psycho?? she is worse than that. i have no other choice of words bad enough to describe it. barbaric doesnt even cut it.)
-she approved a $400,000 announcement/brainwashing/propaganda campaign to promote aerial hunting, funded by the state. (WTF. thats all i can say. the money could go somewhere else deserving.)
-she introduced a legislation (law) to make aircrafts hunting wolves and bears easier.

and she even wants to expand the program. SHE WANTS TO EXPAND THE PROGRAM (???!!!) *froths at mouth*
why not she just go and aerial shoot herself.


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