proper update

ohmyfuckinggawd lah.
i received an email from mystexile..
she gave the link to World of Warcraft : Wrath of The Lich King cinema trailer.
and i damn love it!!

you may go see too,
by hovering here. or clicking the link. (doesnt matter which).

on thursday, we had the event right? well. it went okay lah i suppose.
thats yasmin, my fellow intern.

at night itself, (yes, on thursday) met up shidah n herwan! I MISSED YOUUUU. haha. it was good. ((: thats kfc boy (skeemaks! u lost alot of weighttttt. whats ur secret..) and tuu kak shid.

why why why must i look so selekeh. -___- apesal budak kental sbelah aku boley look more spiffy than me………….. WHY  WHY WHY WHY WHY…

aku mengizinkan kau tembak ni perempuan. =P ohyeah. tis is at pizzahut.. shidah had curry zazzle.. and wan n me had.. err.. we bought the whatsit called.. bbq chicken set? something like it.. yea.. but with pizzahut u will nvr go wrong.. all is nice..

shidah tak snonokz siaaaa…… makan chocolate terselit gigi……. *flicks hair, muke bimbo*

oh thats how it looks like..                                               HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHHAAHAHHA.

herwan’s nose. i dont want to know about this.

yesssssss. thats it asfa….. ur doing a great imitation of the moon… keep it up…

and then we went home. it was great fun… i had a good timeeeeeee.
so thanks both of you. =D ❤

and then on friday (yesterday)..
met kyn, hilmeow and ryan..

my tuna puff. initially, i wanted my warm chocolate cake. but they said they "ran out". YES. HOW COULD THEY. what meanies. -___-

matrep with my bohemian headband. i seriously dunno apesal aku kwn ngn matrep2. x) mamp0s kau hilmz.


jerry and ella terserempak with me at bugis on thursday, i was otw back to work (after lunch mah). and they saw me without makeup. and they were like.. "asal muke kau cm gitu! lain seyyyyy".
x) yeaa. err. i lazy to make up to work =/..

i know i somehow look bald, too pale and colourless. LOL. its always been like that maaaaan. ouhwell. the happymeals even made a joke.. something like.. "kau kalau pakai whitening cream nie, nanti teros takde muke". okay tu memang biadap. but its funny siaaaa.

today work?
was okay2 lahh..
stationed at the spa.

sometimes. office workers are very superficial. and it is obvious. *shrugs*. what d’you think?
okay. dont think at all. shut up.

today, a colleague preached to me about christianity.
this is a sensitive subject im touching. -___- and i dunno whether should i even talk about this.

okay. lets play nice.
its sooooo many times already people preach to me about other religions.
it is all very interesting and all. u noe, this sharing thing..

but just to make it clear,
i may not be the most religious muslim ever.
i am ashamed to even admit that i don’t.. *cough nervously* pray.. and i cant tell a huruf from another.. (i am that bad..)
but i still hold on to the beliefs that i was brought up upon (the ones we were taught at my madrasah lastime..) and i know whats right and whats wrong..
and i try very hard not to be influenced. so far all is good.
i am no straight edge.. but yeah. i am proud of where i am now.
i consider myself a pretty decent girl, and uhh. i will improve myself. (: chey chey.

so back to my colleague.
while she was preaching,
other therapists also came to the pantry to change their facial waterbowls and stuff..
and miss preacher pounced on them going:
preacher: " *blab llaaa* you know??"
therapist: "huh? what?"

and miss preacher will START ALL OVER AGAIN. *froths at mouth*
i mean i respect her for going on la… but.. wah. so hardcore la. -__-

and then rose said a japanese club is looking for librarians.
it’ll be a good oppurtunity huhs.. imagine all the cute japanese people.. and good blogging material. balek rumah je confirm banyak cerita. i mean, japanese club leyyy… which reminds me. i dunno any japanese. -___- if they want sporeans i might consider. or maybe not at all. but like i said.. good blogging material..

and there was this pretty therapist: "whats ur name girl?"
me: "asfa.."
her: "oh.. so young.. very cute2.." (aku terkembang sekejap, pardon ehh.)
rose: "only 17.."
her: "what?! 17?? so young!"
yes. i know.. so young. *flicks hair* unfortunately turning 18 this year. ):
gonna have to grow up soon asfa.

and in order to share all these with you, i had to write down and keep the paper.. err. in the bra?
yes i know. its becoming a habit isnt it. -___- i should stop it stop it stop it.
but our uniform no pockets larrr… how?

and Cyn (of of the senior therapists) has a tv drama voice…
i dono what that means but the point is, she does.
she can do voice overs man.
k bye.


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