first thing to share. I DID MY HAIR. on sunday. and i like it alot. yay! herwan say mcm ekor ayam. dier tu memang biadap. >.< aku benci kau wan! HAHA =p

2nd thing to share. LIVE N LOADED tomorrow bebehh…i wish we could all go together (jerry, hassy etc whoever was interested).. but im so glad i got the chance cos kyn’s friend had just one more extra.. i feel so freaking lucky cos i badly badly wanted to go and TA-DAH. kyn’s friend JERRER saved my day! i am so happy happy happy.

i thought of going jogging tmr morning… cos today’s dinner. i really overate. -__- cb.
i ate mee goreng (and finished off whatever was left), ALOTTTT of grapes, and then i ate (i really2 suspect) MORE than 1/2 of the maggi i cooked for strange tea.

she the one who ask me to share. (i honestly didnt want to)
seeeeee!!!!! dunno how many KG i put alrd.. (actually same ley. WHAT ABOUT TMR?? SURELY naik.)
anyway. i cooked for her pun cos i understand sia..
come back home from work, dah lah tired.. pastu no food.. so i..
played the part of an angel. ^^ no "thanks" at all sia tu p0mpan. hehehehehe. x))

should i jog?
OH NO. ofcourse!
i’ll do what i suggested to jerry. ^^ dance!
so easy.
some more sisters tmr working.
can blast music loud2. 0kay got plan alrd.

and work so far is fine…
the colleagues are great.
just now they had some meeting for the big event they’re hosting this coming wednesday..
and they were talking business.
i seriously dont understand a word sia.
i take down notes also muke mcm paham.
they talk business how noe..

rebates here and there..
cash rebate.. products rebate..
cb. i dont even noe what the f is rebate. (i noe. im so damn useless)
and then 40%+20%…
and they were thr0wing numbers around like pro mathematicians they obviously are (i HATEEEE math.)
i damn groggy sia in the room… kept yawning.. tried to hide.. but failing miserably. -________-

but boss said i must listen and understand and treat it as a real w0rkplace not internship.
the point is.. i didnt even understand a single thing from the starting. O_O
0kay but i tried, i really did. i took notes of the products.
and i think i understand a little bit. *muke macam paham*..

but yea. i like it there. the ppl are nice.. so far. (:

i seriously seriously dun like sia people who wear shades in trains in the early morningsssssssss
prangai diva bap0k siak. (usually they’re males)
and u never noe if they’re perverting. u wanna glare at them oso no point, all u see is ur reflection.
cos they wear sunglasses like the ones for blind people.
ALLAH. i dun like feeling helpless. -___-

atleast if i glare face 2 face got effect. hmpphhs.

kbye. ((;
wanna sleep early today.
so exciteddddddddd… *vibrates with excitement*


2 thoughts on “news.

  1. asfa.. besok (thurs) aku ngan shidah nak meet up.. nak join? we can go to bugis your work area there to have dinner or something.. ehk.. kau give me a call ar.. kau masih ader no aku kan.. anyway u changed no eh? tak sound pun!! cepat2 msg k.. bye!

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