why must i see hilmi’s friend, that Said dude whenever im wearing the same fucking thing??
he keeps seeing me in the long sleeved tee.

i cannot face this.
i am humiliated beyond compare.
its been three times already.
THREEEE, PEOPLE, THREEEE that he sees me wearing the sameeee thing!

he’s gonna think im a charity case who doesnt own any other clothes.
so in e train jusnow all e way i avoided lookin at him.
step tak nampak ar konon.

i hope he didnt see me.
i will not live to see the daylight if he did.
i just wanna live under a rock. please?

den today bosses treated us to a CNY lunch..
they ask me n my fellow intern, yasmin to choose the location.
she said restaurant.
she didnt say what kind of restaurant.
so yasmin n me chose zam zam.

and finally we found out boss was thinking along the lines of a grander restaurant.
*shit man. missed the chance to fine dine*

boss: i’ve never eaten at that kind of place u see..
me: then the places u go to, we dont go.. we normal people.. hahahah..


damn kenfentalfal la can anot..

i got sorethroat laaaaaaaa.
this is so irritating.



5 thoughts on “sorethroat

  1. u said that to your boss??? ahaha buat lawak la kau asfa!
    seriously. u should get a book call “100 ways to talk to boss”
    pr some chicken soup book la. heez.. jk jk. =)

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