tiny update. not so tiny anymore.

i think this top is so cute. kbye.

so finally it’s chinese new year,
gong xi fa cai to you too.
and finally its holidays.
im so sick of w0rking myself off.
damn no life. -____- 0k, i lie.
office work damn no life, that is.

so yesterday after work met up jerry and kyn at pasir ris..
the chalet, remember?

it was abit awkward this time.
and the place they booked was a freaking national mat festival. -___-

this is the bday girl. and she got whopping awesome presents, i am jealous, i am gonna kill myself.
bcause its too depressing for words. i kid i think.

jerry is a bastard.i hatechuuuuuu jerrrryyyyyy. u kanina. u took this pichur right! KNS. HAHAHAHA. k kidding. u noe im kidding right? yesterday we kept on shooting vulgarities at each other. -____- great. im starting to make a habit of this.

see how i’ve gained cheeks. fffffaaaaarrrrkkk. and kyn looks so pretty, whats up arr? DAAAYMMNN. be my minah can? *hahahahaha sounds familiar eyyyy jerry*

cb lar. i am so low self esteemed. i wanna lose weight.
i look like a blobby whale.
i feel like a blobby whale.
*continues whining*

the tasty chicken. its funny. chalets never fail to have chicken.
i love chicken.

jerry is dope.

i look damn selekeh lahh yesterday. really…. i am so sick of myself. -___- im so sick that its sickening to feel sick and i feel like i cant feel sick anymore cos its too sickening to feel sick, sicccccccckkkk.
well. i was after work seys. whatchu expect.. i swear i did want to make effort though. (err.. something just didnt look and feel right, but i had fun though, hard not to isnt it). thats all.

i like this pic very much. very2 much. KYN BE MY MINAH. hahahahahahahahahahaahahhaahahhahah *chokes on saliva*

i noe jerry feels that its below her to take pictures with me. damn you jerry.

muke minahrep siolzz.

yay! selekeh. woohooo *waves pompoms*

kyn…. i hatechuuuuu. u look damn different somehow yesterday. this is really nice.

then we sat around under some void deck at pasir ris..
it was nice.
jerry was damn high sak smlm.
prangai matrep.

tomorrow am gonna mit up friends again i suppose?
rumour has it that we’re going picnic.
well, sorrylah, rumours, bcause i dont have handphone mah.
how to contact right. -___-
i will get one soon laah. and make it a worldwide announcement.

my hairspray finish. -___- how could this be..
why so fast? dammit.
and the bottle is big some more. barely lasted a month.
i think they’re cheating with the amount in these bottles.
what do you think?

my sisters often laugh when i start spraying.
they say it sounds like im spraying insects.

k. im kinda excited about tomorrow.
feels so long since i’ve seen the friends.
ella has gone already. so she cant join.
bit sad..
then i cant disturb her..
very heartbreaking.. -___-

k dahs.
thats all. finally a decent post with pictures. ^^

p/s: wanna start sleeping earlyyyyyy. why cant i do this simple thing? why why why why why why.

pp/s: and the ipod songs suddenly disappeared. i was damn surprised hor..  i dono n neither do i noe how the hell it happened but the point is IT HAPPENED 0KAY? now i gotta spend my whole time and select the songs for the playlist. -___- like i got nothing better to do. yea actually i dont. so this is reasonable really, but the nerveeeeeee, how could it do this to me?! AND PLEASE LOR.
my earpiece is literally falling into pieces.. for those who saw it, pity me. thanks. i am ashamed, what type of female uses earpieces till its worn like that?? and now. never mind that its falling apart, but the fact that only the right side has sound and the left doesnt KILLS ME.

payday cant come quickly enough.

now the question is. earphones or earpiece?
i thought of both. the former for the computer and the latter for the ipod.. hmm.. or we could exchange from time to time.. oooh. so giddy with excitement.

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