cb lar.
i gained weight.
i suspect 2 or 3kg.
its like dat every monthh.
but i cant help myself, but to snack.

and train ride home was ridiculous just now.
everybody was within kissing distance. -___-
i am infact, disgusted, myself.
and there was this psp-playing bastard of a boy infront of me,
his head keep getting closer n closer.
he dares?!
if i had a choice, i would’ve tonjol kan kepale die.
i so hate peak hours. soooo soooo hate ’em.

but because i was doing some hard core balancing act trying not to touch anybody around me..
and i wasnt anywhere near a pole.. so.. u get the picture?

today at w0rk, we did spring cleaning.
and i felt like a bloody cinderella (i like to think so anyway. that motivates me, no matter how lame it is)
and fairy godmother will be tigermum. cos she cooks, when i get home. -___- i noe.
i am such a sad case.

and then..
one colleague was talking about how oily her hair gets when she doesnt shampoo.
and i suddenly burst out lor: "me too!"
i dunno why. i am so sick of not being able to talk to anyone on common grounds at work, that i think im losing my voice. -___-
bcos i love talking. i talk and talk and talk. and suddenly attachment, i got no one to talk to.
so abit terencat ar kan.

so i think i said the wrong thing..
i said "very ugly sey when that happens.."
and she went silent.
was she offended?
ohmyfucking gah, zaiton and sally.
i sincerely hope not.
because what i meant was.. you will generally feel ugly when ur hair is oily..
who the fuck doesnt, right?

and yesterday,
i didnt need to overtime..
because i said i have a date.
and let me tell you this.
who the fuck goes on a date with her hair unkempt, t shirt thats shapeless and a skirt thats not ironed?
OH. and slippers. thats what i wore. to work. i noe i noe. extremely underdressed.
cos i see no point in dressing up.
waste my efforts cos end of the day, i’ll end up looking like the cleaner. -_______-
who knew office work was vigorous eyy.

but i had to tell ’em something to avoid being kept late for spring cleaning. -_____-

and let me tell you this too.
tell ’em you gotta date, it works everytime.
but not too much tho.
or they’ll think im promiscuous. -____-

they like the lovey dovey stuff.
i tried to make it clear i dont have a bf or a date bfore that (but they wont take no as an answer. god knows.), but they continued pushing it so i said yeah i do, so i gotta go at 7. LAAAWWWWWLLLL.

its sucha no brainer, bcos i was looking damn drabby,
if there WAS a date, it’ll be a total fiasco.

and then..
there was also this convo with miss oily hair:
"u ARE malaysian rite?" (saying it like if i wasn’t, she was gonna terminate me or something..)
"err… malay.." (insert my blank face)
"ohh.. but singaporean?"
"yup. sure am." (yeah. what the hell was up with me and slang?)
"ohhh… so u dun celebrate CNY.." (err… i dunno what link is there btween being malaysian and chinese new year, so pls enlighten me if you know.)

and then there was this issue about my sowllen face..
which they all refer to as "tired".. to be polite, i suppose.
little miss smarty pants of the colleague said..
"why ur face like dat?"
"huh? what? oh u mean swollen ar?"
"yah.. so creepy.." (ok wtf. thanks eh.) "what happened to it??"
me:"ohh. its like dat every month.." (i think? its either bloatedness or bcos i sleep late)
*looks puzzled*"hmm. maybe its your eye make up.. your skin may be sensitive to your eyeliner.."
me: "NO. i think its becos i slept late.." (okay. maybe i sounded alittle too strong. but WTH?! eye makeup? i’ve been wearing these since forever! wth is wrong with her?)

okay. wtf.
pandai nye, ohmygahhhhhhhhhh, zaiton and sally!
so smart is she.

is she so smart.

asal bley shoot aje.

p/s: gotta lose weight. ohhh yeahhh meeting up jerry and kyn tmr to a chalet at jerry’s friend; Chacha. got food. yum. but i wanna lose weight. what should i do? ahh. alittle bit wont hurt me, right? agree with me or die.


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