past few.

i miss school!

a frenster person said he saw me on the train jus now morning,
and i entered and glanced at him in a haughty way.
so sorry larr my face like dat already siaaa..

cant do anything..
i’ve tried looking friendlier,
but my muscle cramped up jus by tryinggggggg.

i am not arrogant. )= i never even knew i look like that till everyone of my friends
(and sisters too, THANKSSSSSSS EHHHH) told me.

its not even funny. i sad seyys.

and CB LAAA.
i am currently lusting over this certain pair of designer heels.
i never knew i was this capable of obsessing over something so expensive.

BUT I WANT WANT WANT THOSE HEELS. (eventho i dunno how to wear one! I SWEAR I WILL LEARN)
and i’ve tried googling (oh geez! and fell in love some more!),
but that particular design is not on google!
i saw it in a mag.


*sleeps with the magazine cut out*

those shoes are the bomb la cbcbcbcbcbcbcbcb.

*drinks glass of water to cool self down and fan self vigorously*

k asfa relax.

on saturday came home very late.

was at jerry’s fren’s (erwin) bday chalet.
and i never even knew that trains there finish at 11.20.
but thanks to hilmi for alerting.
that was so very sweet. LOL.

so i missed my train.
took 5 to town.
wandered around looking for night rider,
but dont have,
like one huge kanina chao cibai.
so i had to flag a cab..
and shamelessly borrow the driver’s handphone to shamelessly request sister to pay for cabfare and i’ll pay her back when i get my pay.
(geez. if i had a choice… but i didnt)

when i arrived home,
mom was freaking mad.
she wanted to beat me (not a first). and i quickly rushed and locked the toilet door and stayed there for 2hours. (well, i took a bath, shaved my legs [bcos my legs were like going native already].. conditioned my hair.. posed at the mirror, tried diff. hairstyles, that sorta stuff to entertain myself, because i am a coward)
geeez, damn scary can.. -_________-


didnt mean to arr thougghs. (u think i wanna trouble myself so much mehh, much lesser anyone else)
but the food at the chalet was good! (ate chicken wings non stop hit siaaa… hilmi n ryan didnt eat much, so jerry n me felt like fatsohs.)
and i thought that jerry’s friend was kinda cute.
and then i asked him.
"ohhhh happy birthday! umor brape? 17 eh.."
"err.. 18"

first time meeting, and i already insulted the birthday boy.
asfa is so smart sometimes kan.

and tigermum called me some names that u people would never thought applied to me.
0k. i, never thought would apply to me.
wanna get boyfren or even a date also so difficult. -____-
still can call me dat.

"kau keje ke menyundal ni?! kau keje mane nie echa huh?!"
"org gi bday party jap la.."
"HARI HARI KAU BALEK MCM GINI?! HARI2 BDAY PARTY?! mat saleh pun tak parti mcm gitu!" (its not funny at that moment ok, she was screaming herself hoarse at 1.30am)
siala. only friday and saturday sia i came h0me late.. (but she exaggerates alot i suppose..)
and those were with jerry, ella, kyn & hilmi..
we lepaked at coffeebean @ The Forum to have harmless chat and a round of happy family. -____-
macam budak kenfentalfal.
we dont even drink nor sm0ke. except that heavy smoker hilmi ar. -___- hmppfs.
fun though, i love these kind of meetups. very relaxed. (:
i feel very myself. ok stop with the sentiments.

i am definitely not a prostitute lor.
but ahh. its a normal accusation.
all of us go thru it, no?
if i were one, i’d come home looking disheveled and tired. err. right?
i dunno. im jus saying. LOL.


but anyways.
thanks to jerry, hilmi and ryan for taking care of me ar.
aku very the ter-touched siaahs. =D

i really2 cant wait to do my hair!
i am so sick of this current plain jane, that im looking into mirrors less.
ok kidding.
but yeahh. i am very excited. ((:
i keep thinking about it and it makes me happy.

okay da.
i updated cos jerry pestered me to. -_-
(no, im kidding. u noe i will never stop blogging, its so addictive n fun)

so kbye.

tomorrow another boring 10-7 shift….

but i love my boss.
no, i really like her bcos she is so bloody kind, i am lucky.
and this week’s sunday im off. yay!

p/s: sugarmouz…
pp/s: i made a new youtube account. why? cos the previous one’s name was so lame, i am ashamed i even have anything to do with it. no edge at all. GEEEZ. wat the fuck was i thinking anyway?


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