gettin glammed up and sitting on a fence.

dear ladies and germs.
i would like to discuss this issue about train passengers who never bath.
i would like to complain and whine to you that i suspect i would die at the estimated age of 30 with lung cancer due to these people. unmarried. single and probably br0ke at that age too, so please, i’d like to do more with my life than die at sucha young age.

so please. i appeal to you, to start stocking up on dettol soaps and rub it all over your body in the sh0wer (make it 2 or 3 rounds, because you smell like a dead deer carcass or something, geez!).
please be considerate. thank you.

pardon my exaggeration, but i simply had to make a point.

if you dont get the point, i’ll make sure you get it when i jam up a crowbar up your ass.

ok asfa. *breathes deeply*
time for positive thoughts..

for these past few days at w0rk,
have been doing product sealing and blowjobs.
blowjobs for the shrinkwraps i mean.
what the hell were you thinking??
using HAIRDRYER, blowing the plastic.

and while doing so,
was dancing and singing.. (im alone in the workstation)..
by right, its wrong to listen music.
but i just can concentrate in the silence.
moving about makes me feel better.
tsk. i wish i wasnt twitchy. -________- i dislike office work.

and boss is so lovely,
proposing that she hire someone to teach me webdesigning.
ohmygaaaaah~ that rocks lor bloody hell.
but sialaaaaaaaaa.
i dun wan officeeeeee worrrrrkkkkkkk….


im jus a mess of confusion right now.
takde arah tujuan.
so please stop questioning me on what i wanna be in the future.
because its stressing me up so badly right now i nearly broke down in the toilet just now.
i know i know.
so emotional.
you better shut it, while you can still count with your fingers. -_________-

and i broke the CNY bamboo plant in a cow vase.
and boss wasnt angry.
i am thankful. *phew*
it costs a $18 for that small sized thing siaa.
(i mean, what if she cut my pay?!)
well she didnt of course.

and then jusnow boss asked me to do something on microsoft excel.
and i stressed up.

you see,
this may sound very unbelievable to snots like you..
but you see,
i have never even handled microsoft softwares (powerpoint, in school.. microsoft word, rarely so dont get to explore.. excel, first time hearing it today)

go on.
laugh at me all you want.
laugh while you can still laugh before i stuff carrots up your nose.

when i said..
"i dunno"
they all looked at me like i just said i landed from pluto the night before or something.

i was so ashamed.
stressed. humiliated.


so what did i do,
called up my 3rd sis and jerry.
wanted to call kyn, but she wun pickup, so yadayada..
3rd sis noes how to use a lil bit.
jerry.. not too sure.. alil bit too.
and my 2nd sis? (when we at h0me i asked her)
she has no frikken idea at all.
so apparently im not alone.
thank god.
so im not as stressed as before.

i dont feel like sucha loser now.
i mean, no matter how basic it is for snots like you.

i dun understand what kids nowadays are complaining about their time at school.
8am-5pm for just 2 days is MILD, PEOPLE, MILD!!
*sobs uncontrollably*
i am 10-7 every frikken day.
i hope CNY i as an intern will get an off to.

i am soooooo lethargic.

ahh but work’s fine.
blowjobs are fun.

and colleague asked me to go to the OCBC bank at sim lim jusnow to deposit boss’s cheque or smtg.. (i dunno what the hell that is, pls dont ask me, but where it is concerning the boss, im sure its important, right?)

and i actually dono where the hell should i go from fortune center.
i was like.. "shit. i know this place, i do! but how eh? i forgott…."

so i roamed around aimlessly.
finally giving up, and entering my favourite snotty mamak store.
with a snotty couple inside.

me: "err.. hi.. excuse me, im just asking arr.. err. wheres sim lim?"
snotty shopkeeper: *answers in that lovely haughty tone of hers i like* "2nd traffic turn right".
and thats how quickly she dismissed me. -___-
but nevertheless.
i still love their shop, its where i always always always buy my hello panda chocolate biscuits from during lunch..
(thats all i eat, yeahh..)
mrs. shopkeeper has never been friendly but i still am fond of that shop no matter how stuckup a pair of husband and wife they could be. LOL.
im weird like that, please.

so i found the precious bank.

and when i came back,

colleague: "had trouble finding arr??"
me: *flashes gleaming smile & alittle flick of hair* "hha! nolaa. i jus walk2 around.." (walk2 around indeed, walk wrong way some more! ah well. its jus a little white biggie)

Akon accompanied me all thru out my trip.
i dun care how fucking pervert he is with his fans,
but damn. his song and voice rocks my boobs man.
i contradict from time to time i suppose..
He could be Ted Bundy for all i care, but his songs cheered me and gave me support when i was in a nervous mess (acting like i know how when i dont. cos u see, my ego is as big as the mountains people cant climb)
ohyeah. pardon my outdatedness with Akon.

let me share my shopping list with you.
if you’re my fairy godmother and can give ’em to me in advance,
by all means. i’d be pleasured to receive.

-Makeup. (as always.)
-Earpieces OR a headphone OR both. (my earpieces are half dying, looking like a rabid kitty bite them. but still useable tho, just a little falling apart..)
-More T Shirts & maybe male sized tees. (yes. i am so indeed turning into a butch. so shoot me)
-Slim fits. (prolly 2 new pairs pls)
-and money for my hair..
 *and cut, of course.
-new cheap hp and new prepaid number.

i wanna meet my friends tomorrow.
so how?
where the hell are they anyway.
not online. -___- geez.

so sad little me will have to bring more 10cent coins and her little phonebook everywhere to public phones now.
spell P.I.T.Y with me. i’ve lost face alot of times.

p/s: i hate people who know my name and yet call me "girl". i simply HATEEE it. you can call me miss, young lady or anything else especially my name BUT NOT "girl". never that word, please. its like my pet peeve or something.

yes i do. i love myself this much. LOLLLL.


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