back to little girl mode.

my boss is so nice.
i am so thankful and grateful.

my blog theme is sooooo cheery now.

today work was pleasant.

i am so lazy to dress up to work.
i dunno what to wear sia.
and i ended up looking like a cleaner today.
asfa.. buck up siaaa..
im getting worse.
and its not even funny.


i would like to discuss this.
how come singaporean males nowadays simply have no more gentleman manner?
it really fucking pisses me off.

so there was this bastard of a businessman today morning,
who cut my queue (and pushed me away some more KANINA.)

i was so pissed off i was practically shaking with anger.
i mean,
i know im small, but doesnt mean you can take advantage right?

i shot him one of my dagger/jurassic look and raised my eyebr0ws (ala sasha grey)
then he said "sorry" and went behind me.
die takot ngan aku ar!


but at that moment it wasnt pleasing lor.
it just pissed me off so  fucking much.
but now i think back,
wah wah wah.
im kinda ahem *flicks hair* proud, really.

i should look in the mirror and see what expression i gave him.
then maybe it’ll be reusable and useful for err.. future usage.

and i am soooooooooooooo bored of my hair..
*whiney voice*
after attachment i swear im gonna cut my pattern.

i have nothing much to say today.
just that, males nowadays should be more gentleman.
i hardly see macho ones nowadays that it makes me feel so manly and the chances of ME growing a dick is bigger than it ever was.. compared to them producing sperms.

GEESZ. (fed up siakenz, honestly. what is the world coming to.)

and at w0rk we did product sealing.
i love it.
if only the machine didnt spoil on my first touch of course. -___-"

oh-mai-gaaaaahhh. can i love these 2 dolls? please? can i?? oh pls pls. thank you *curtsies*

p/s: hope O level peeps had a good celebration. and if you didnt get what u expected (or u DID get what u expected in a bad way..) you have my deepest sympathy. better luck nex time. goodluck in whatever though, okay?

pp/s: ohwells. lj doesnt support nuffnang ads. ): no wonder. geeezzzz. but if i m0ve back to blogspot, its like having unprotected sex siaaaa. wahlaooo. nvm. i’ll stay here. cos lj is my homeeee.
wonder what i can do with my blogspot though.. *thinking*

if i close it down, memories will go to waste. ah well. nvm. will think about it.


Someone who is usually quite a party animal is going to be much more introverted than usual today, but don’t let it throw you for a loop. They just need to go back into their shell for a while and think some things through. Things are changing in their life, and believe it or not you are an inspiration for some of that change, so stick with them through this period. This is your chance to be someone’s personal cheerleader. Get out there and give them a hand.

my comments: okay, quit hiding. whos’ this new introverted person im supposed to be entertaining? can u please like cheer up soon, bitch? and thanks if im ur inspiration, it flatters me, just for a little while. if ur extrovert going to introvert, please recover within a week.. LOOOLL. im bored. geez. and im kidding. stay as introvert as u can for as long as u want. i really couldnt care less. im kidding. I DUNNO WHAT IM TAWKING ABOUT AND TO WHOM. so shuddup k. i love you all.


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