meet up.

HAHAHAHA skeemakzzz. jerry muke jambu.

when abang hilmi isap-ed. hahahahahaa…. sialaa asfa biadappzz.

the other tw0 girls, dont act sweet 0kay? =P

the rest of them.

so ytd,
i carried stuff to w0rk like s0me cargo (so mum said)
cos had to bring xtra cl0thes, camera, my files, erm.. *blush* mum packed my lunch (hee!), and so manyyyy stuffs.

w0rk was alright la.
today w0rk again.

i am so sick and tired.
like got no life. but 0kaylah. not bad lah so far.

i miss sitting at h0me and reading.

0kay i am sucha nerd.
so i heard that tomorrow ella gonna get her O levl results??
im sure you’d do just fine lah kentalz! =D


i am sleepy.
and very tired.
and i am hungry.

for more infor on yesterday,
(i doubt so you’d be interested)

you can visit hilme0w, jerry or kyn.
all links to left.


p/s: i think i’ve l0st my humour. -___- this wh0le week havent been talking much. i just dont seem to click with s0me people. am picky like dat. lols. i mean it!!!! been very quiet. talk only when talked to. LOLS. or to ask questions. boring or n0t? yesterday was the only time i ever felt sincere in laughing and talking and smiling. geez. muscle cramp fr0m smiling. (: i miss my friends already. hope you guys have a great day . <33

p/p/s: boss is so nice, she gave me $10 to topup my phone. BUT. she’ll deduct fr0m my pay. 0kaythanks. so n0w u people can sms me alrd! yay!


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